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CaPow Provides Perpetual Power to Mobile Robot Fleets

Check out CaPow's Genesis technology for leaner fleets of mobile robots that don't require batteries or charging stations.

CaPow Energy

CaPow said it offers a complete system for constant charging of mobile robots.
CaPow's antenna stickers offer continual power for automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots, eliminating the need for heavy batteries and large charging stations.

While automated guided vehicles, or AGVs, and autonomous mobile robots, or AMRs, promise increased efficiency in factories and warehouses, fleets require good power management for full utilization. Rotating robots in and out for wired or wireless recharging can add complexity and downtime, but CaPow's Genesis system offers perpetual power delivery.

Not only do CaPow's antenna stickers provide continual power—and throughput—but they also integrate with existing and new mobile robots. Users can simply place the stickers on the floor and on the robots. A receiver and power bank require less space and weight than batteries, which are also supported.

In addition, CaPow's Floor Planner software is designed to make it easy to plan and optimize an AGV or AMR deployment. Floor Planner enables users to compare or change layouts, and up to 20% surface coverage can achieve 100% throughput.

Genesis eliminates the need to have extra robots on hand, as well as reliance on swapping lithium batteries, said the company. Since CaPow powers robots on the go, there is no need for extra “real estate” for charging or docking stations in facilities, it noted.

CaPow said it can thus increase yield and output. “One-hundred percent of the fleet works 100% of the time,” the company said.

The charging pads are safe and durable. Materials handling, customer service, and other applications can be reliably supported, according to CaPow.

Check out CaPow's Genesis technology for leaner robot fleets that are constantly in motion. With fewer heavy, expensive, and potentially toxic batteries to track and replace, CaPow customers can obtain faster returns on investment from automation.

The company will exhibit at Booth 6337 at Automate 2023 from May 22 to 25 in Detroit, and attendees can book an appointment now.

CaPow Floor Planner

CaPow's Floor Planner is designed to make layout easy for placing perpetual power units in a warehouse. Source: CaPow

About CaPow

CaPow addresses the primary bottleneck for automation: the challenge of providing reliable, cost-effective, and non-pollutive energy. By offering consistent power flow for mobile robots, the company said its energy delivery ecosystem allows robots to continuously operate with no energy depletion downtime, while ending reliance on legacy batteries.

In addition, CaPow said its “battery-free” system is validated to cut down the size of the required robot fleet, enhance logistics throughput, and improve the ROI of automation.

CaPow’s proprietary offering is designed to facilitate optimal power transfer with wide and dynamic capabilities. It can accommodate multiple users, as well as the presence of metal and debris in and around the energy transfer field. In addition, it can support large distances between the transmitting and receiving ends, as well as wide spatial coverage.

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CaPow Energy

CaPow said it offers a complete system for constant charging of mobile robots.

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