ForwardX Robotics Releases Flex 60-T Mobile Robot for Cage Trolley Docking and Towing

ForwardX collaborated with Richmond Rolling Solutions to develop a system for multiple sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

Richmond Rolling Solutions

The Flex 60-T is an AMR designed to handle cage trolleys and improve efficiency and safety, said ForwardX.
ForwardX said its Flex 60-T autonomous mobile robot is the first one for docking and towing cage trolleys, which are used in warehouses, factories, and other environments.

ForwardX Technology Co. yesterday unveiled the Flex 60-T, an autonomous mobile robot, or AMR, equipped with an advanced docking and towing system for cate trolleys. The Beijing-based company plans to show the Flex 60-T for the first time at CeMAT Australia this week.

Cage trolleys, or roll cages, transport heavy loads of products and equipment in warehouses, factories, distribution centers, retail stores, hospitals, supermarkets, hospitality workplaces, and catering establishments. Traditionally, these roll cages have been manually transported throughout the warehouse, limiting productivity and posing safety risks, noted ForwardX.

The company said in a release that it has designed the Flex 60-T enhance efficiency while prioritizing the safety of workers and employees.

“At ForwardX Robotics, we firmly believe that safety is of paramount importance in every business, particularly in labor-intensive workplaces,” stated Nicholas Chee, founder and CEO of ForwardX Robotics. “Our Flex 60-T provides a safer work environment while empowering businesses to enhance overall productivity by eliminating the strenuous physical labor associated with manually operating heavy carts.”

Flex 60-T developed with Richmond Rolling Solutions

The new AMR is the result of a successful collaboration between ForwardX Robotics and Richmond Rolling Solutions, its recently announced exclusive distribution partner for Australia and New Zealand.

ForwardX said the Flex 60-T addresses the pain points associated with docking and towing cage trolleys, which are widely used in Australia and other regions. The mobile robot has a maximum towing capacity of 300 kg (661.3 lb.) and is compatible with both Australian Standard Z and A base roll cages.

It also includes sensor-fusion technology, visual simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) navigation, and 180-degree obstacle detection and avoidance, according to ForwardX. These features provide operational flexibility to warehouses and manufacturing facilities, enabling them to optimize workflows and reduce operational costs, the company claimed.

ForwardX positions itself for 'end-to-end automation'

ForwardX Robotics said it delivers AMRs and artificial intelligence to position itself “as an orchestration engine for end-to-end automation.” It asserted that the latest addition to its Flex product line “sets a new standard in handling cage trolleys, revolutionizing material movement.”

The company added that it employs more than 250 staffers, including computer vision scientists and robotics experts from top universities and leading enterprises. ForwardX cited its over 350 patents and recognition such as the Best Practices Award from Frost & Sullivan and the 2022 RBR50 Innovation Award.

ForwardX has offices in the U.S., Japan, Korea, and China and global partnerships. The company, which raised $61 million in Series C funding last week, said it is expanding and applying its proven solutions for warehouses and manufacturers worldwide.

ForwardX unveils Flex 60-T AMF for cart handling.

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Richmond Rolling Solutions

The Flex 60-T is an AMR designed to handle cage trolleys and improve efficiency and safety, said ForwardX.

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