HowToRobot automation marketplace merges with Gain & Co advisory firm

Sagitta Ventures to invest in combined company under HowToRobot name


Søren Peters, former CEO of HowToRobot (left), and Søren Pap-Tolstrup, former CEO of Gain & Co (right), will serve as Co-CEOs of the combined HowToRobot company.
Global automation marketplace HowToRobot and independent advisory firm Gain & Co merged to expand their vendor-agnostic robot consultation and supply business reach.

Robot market platform HowToRobot and independent advisors Gain & Co recently announced a merger to form a global automation market platform and vendor-independent advisory company that can support businesses with every aspect of their automation journey.

United under HowToRobot’s name, the company also announced an investment from Sagitta Ventures, which will be taking a seat on the board. Together, the investment and merger will help fuel HowToRobot’s global growth, said the company.

With the merger, Søren Peters, former CEO of HowToRobot, and Søren Pap-Tolstrup, former CEO of Gain & Co, will serve as co-CEOs.

“Businesses need automation and robotics like never before to make up for labor shortages and supply chain disruptions and simply to protect them in the long run, “Peters said. “But without help, only few are able to fully take advantage of the technology. The merger and investment allow us to extend that help to every business that needs it.”

HowToRobot offers advice for companies looking to introduce automation 

According to Peters, global robot installations have more than tripled over the last decade, making it challenging to keep up.

“Robotics is developing so fast that it can easily seem overwhelming,” he said. “What most need is often just someone to talk to who knows the market and who they can trust for reliable and impartial advice. By letting our two companies join forces, we can now provide all that in one place.”

The new HowToRobot said it can provide the guidance and support businesses need when looking to automate. Its market platform can offer an overview and easy access to automation and robotics suppliers globally, while its advisors can give guidance on everything from getting started to technology selection and implementation - completely independent of vendors.

“The world of robotics is still new to many, and most need help to some extent - from technical advice to finding solutions and building the business case or simply finding the best place to start,” Pap-Tolstrup said. When combined, our platform and advisory have the depth, reach, and flexibility to support businesses where and when they most need it.” 

Sagitta investment to help enable platform, advisor, and partner expansion

According to HowToRobot, global robot installations hit a record of 553,052 units in 2022. Yet, HowToRobot said it finds that the average business has only explored about 5% of its addressable potential for automation with currently proven robot technology, mainly due to limited expertise and knowledge about it. 

Peters said this figure highlights a much bigger potential market, which Sagitta Ventures’ investment will help address. 

“Most businesses have still only scratched the surface of what is possible and makes sense to automate, “he said. “With the right guidance and easy access to potential solutions, robot adoption can reach a whole new level.”

HowToRobot said the investment will enable it to expand its platform, advisor team, and partner network across the world, providing its full suite of automation guidance to businesses across major markets and industries. This growth will involve strengthening the organization in selected areas by adding expertise and capacity for conducting on-site automation screenings, providing expert advice, and broadening the market understanding of robotics and automation

It also means keeping HowToRobot’s platform up to date with the fast-growing robotics market so customers can search for the right system for their needs.

“HowToRobot was the first to provide an overview of robotic and automation suppliers globally,” said Kim Mølbæk Nielsen, Sagitta Ventures chief investment officer. “By merging with Gain & Co, they become the first and only company to offer full-scale market access and independent guidance on automation, covering any business’ potential needs. We believe this combination is the key missing link in the market to make robotics accessible for all.”

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Søren Peters, former CEO of HowToRobot (left), and Søren Pap-Tolstrup, former CEO of Gain & Co (right), will serve as Co-CEOs of the combined HowToRobot company.

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