Juni Learning Partners With Makeblock, NASA, and Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration on STEM Education

New 'Intro to Robotics: Exploring Uncharted Territories' course to offer students a chance to learn to program robots for deep sea or space missions.

Juni Learning

Juni Learning is offering courses with Makeblock's STEM robot kits.
Juni Learning's new "Intro to Robotics: Exploring Uncharted Territories" STEAM course is intended to give students a chance to learn to program in Python and Scratch.

One way to address the shortage of skilled roboticists is to inspire young people to pursue careers in technology. Juni Learning today announced its newest course in partnership with Makeblock, NASA, and the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration. In “Intro to Robotics: Exploring Uncharted Territories,” students can gain and use foundational knowledge of Juni’s Scratch or Python coding courses to build and interact with Makeblock’s mBot Neo robot.

“Robots are the present and future, and right now, students aren’t given enough opportunities in school to explore their power and world changing potential,” stated Vivian Shen, co-founder and CEO of Juni. “We’re launching ‘Exploring Uncharted Territories’ to help students deepen their understanding of robotics and to inspire wonder about what they might be capable of in the future. We’re excited to have industry-leading partners unveil this course with us and invite students to embark on this exciting, exploratory journey into robotics right from their homes.” 

Founded in 2017, Juni Learning offers an online learning experience for children aged 7 to 18 can learn skills and solve real-world problems. The San Francisco-based company said more than 10,000 students use its platform to focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) topics such as coding and investing.

With an extensive curriculum and various course formats, Juni Learning prepares students for the future and inspires the leaders of tomorrow. No matter who they are or how they learn, every student at Juni gets a chance to make their own mark on the world.

Juni course presents simulated challenges

“Exploring Uncharted Territories” begins by tasking students with building an mBot Neo robot from Makeblock’s STEM education kit, which is designed to teach the fundamentals of robotics. They would then use their knowledge of Scratch or Python coding to program the robots driving controls, said Juni.

With each project, students are presented with a real-world challenge to maneuver their robots through, emulating what a NASA astronaut exploring Mars or a deep-sea researcher mapping the ocean floor may encounter. At the end of the course, students will design and complete a master simulation challenge to present to the Juni community. 

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Juni on this exciting new robotics course,” said Jasen Wang, founder and CEO of Makeblock. “Our expertise in STEM education toys and excitement for robotics, paired with Juni’s unique approach and commitment to developing future-looking courses that prepare students for tomorrow, make this partnership a seamless fit.”

“We believe hands-on learning is the key to inspiring a passion for robotics in young learners and are honored to bring ‘Exploring Uncharted Territories’ to life with Juni,” Wang added. 

Makeblock said its mBot Neo has been recognized by STEM.org as one of the best STEM educational toys for children. The robot can expand the scope of activities with more than 60 different modules and connect in series up to 10 various sensors, motors, LEDs, or other components at a time.

mBot Neo uses a long-lasting built-in battery and aluminum alloy metal materials. Makeblock said its robots have received recognition from the Edison Awards, International Design Excellence Awards, and more. 

Juni said it offers flexible learning models including private, group, and self-led courses, enabling students can learn how to make their mark on the world and make positive change.

Juni Learning is an online academy teaching Computer Science to thousands of students in across the US and 10 different countries, and employs hundreds of instructors from the top 50 U.S. universities. Juni's curriculum was developed by Google and Stanford alumni, to take students from zero experience to competing in programming Olympiads with languages including Scratch, Python, Web Development, and Java.

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Juni Learning

Juni Learning is offering courses with Makeblock's STEM robot kits.

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