Tompkins Robotics Takes Wraps off Induction Lift and Picking AMRs at ProMat 2023

Tompkins Robotics showcased a range of new products at the materials handling tradeshow in Chicago.

Tompkins Robotics

Tompkins Robotics has two new pick-assist AMRs, which it is showcasing at ProMat 2023
Tompkins Robotics is showcasing demos of its new Induction Lift, Multi-Function Robotic Sorter, and picking AMRs at ProMat in Chicago this week.

Tompkins Robotics introduced its new Induction Lift and Multifunction Robotic Sorter at ProMat 2023 this week. The company has been showcasing the new products at Booth N7149.

Tompkins Robotics said the Induction Lift system was designed to be a creative and simple way to improve the ergonomics, speed, and range of induction of its tSort system. The system allows an operator to induct to multiple levels of our AMR sortation from a single station at induction.

The Induction Lift eliminates the need for pre-sorting of items and allows for a larger, more efficient batch pick process upstream of the order sortation process, the Raleigh, N.C.-based company said.

This system allows customer to stack the tSort AMR sortation system in up to 5 levels when used in tandem with Tompkins’ existing automated order container removal and replacement AMR, xChange. Now, adding sort destinations can be accomplished in the same footprint, it said.

Tompkins details new Multi-Function Robotic Sorter

The Multi-Function system sorts the items going to unique orders on one level of a tSort system and sorts the outbound parcels on another level. This solution has both the order fulfillment and the outbound shipping in the same footprint and system as opposed to traditional sites where expensive, space-consuming conveyor systems move orders to and from packing.

The savings in space and capital are tremendous, the company claimed. With the addition of automated packaging solutions, the gain in capacity, cost reduction, and process improvement are even greater.

“An operator just needs to place an item on to the Induction Lift and the item gets to the proper level and correct order that can be located anywhere in a tSort system.  This greatly enhances the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the picking and sortation process,” said Tompkins Robotics President & CEO, Mike Futch.

“The ability to sort items and outbound customer parcels in the same system is a breakthrough in technology and will be a game changer in the e-commerce fulfillment industry,” Futch added. “Shippers can achieve huge benefits through reductions in cost, space and complexity with the Multi-Function sorter.”

Tompkins introduces new AMRs with PickPal Series

The company also showcased the robots from its new PickPal Series. There are currently two models in the PickPal series, the standard PickPal which can carry 60kg (132 lb.) of orders, and the PickPal+ which handles up to 100kg (220 lb.) of orders.

There are additional models coming soon to carry more orders, have higher capacity, and apply pick assist technology to case picking, the company said.

PickPal provides a quickly implemented and low operating cost robotic technology that can be inserted into existing operations doing order fulfillment in a scalable RaaS model. PickPal integrates with other technologies to improve efficiency in existing automated systems as well, Tompkins said. 

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Tompkins Robotics

Tompkins Robotics has two new pick-assist AMRs, which it is showcasing at ProMat 2023

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