10 Materials Handling Robotics Takeaways From MODEX 2022

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Robots reach new heights

Mobile robot providers have released larger models over the past few years to address the need for moving pallets and manufacturing parts. At this year’s MODEX, robots got taller to address high-bay warehouse storage.

Examples include Geek+‘s RoboShuttle, HAI Robotics’ HAIPICK, and Raymond’s Automated Transtacker.

Vecna Robotics displayed the Omni autonomous reach truck (shown). “The concept is to maximize storage density and reach 8 to 32 ft. and double-deep storage,” said Daniel Theobald (left), founder and chief innnovation officer of Vecna Robotics, as well as co-founder of MassRobotics.

“Along with our Pivotal software and new pallet jack with Big Joe, we want to take our experience with autonomy to increase autonomy,” added Craig Malloy (right), new CEO of Vecna. “Out of the $300 billion to $400 billion market for moving pallets, only 1% is autonomous today.”

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4. Robots reach new heights

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