10 Materials Handling Robotics Takeaways From MODEX 2022

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But don't count out ASRS just yet

​For density, automated storage systems are still hard to beat, with AutoStore and OPEX having two of the bigger demonstrations at this year’s MODEX.

AutoStore recently introduced its BinLift 2.0 product to the North American market.

One challenge of ASRSes is maintaining throughput when something gets stuck or a robot shuttle malfunctions. OPEX addressed this issue in its Infinity system, which it said is more configurable than other goods-to-person systems.

“Our third-generation OPEX Infinity is more modular, scalable, and flexible, and totes latch together to decouple presentation from the racks,” said Alex Stevens, president of OPEX Warehouse Automation.

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1. Crowds come back to MODEX

2. Technologies improve -- incrementally

3. Spring fever hits, as companies pair off

4. Robots reach new heights

5. Alternatives to automated storage abound

6. But don't count out ASRS just yet

7. Mobile robot vendors grow their fleets

8. Mobile manipulation picks its way forward

9. AI offers to make automation more approachable

10. Interoperability efforts continue

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