10 Materials Handling Robotics Takeaways From MODEX 2022

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AI offers to make automation more approachable

​Software and AI are becoming as essential to supply chains as AMRs and WMS.

RIOS noted that the robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) model can help warehouses get started with increasing productivity and augmenting scarce labor.

Softeon touted its range of software and services for warehouse management, while Rajant explained how its wireless mesh makes communications more reliable.

SVT Robotics claimed that its SOFTBOT platform can ease integrations and deployments of robots and other technologies.

Speaking of integration, Körber Supply Chain Vice President John Santagate (far right) took to the stage to discuss how his firm worked with ISN to successfully deploy LocusBots in its operations.

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9. AI offers to make automation more approachable

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