8 Types of Warehouse Robots by Application

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Towing AGVs

Also known as tugger AGVs, towing AGVs are able to pull other load-carrying vehicles — much like train wagons — behind them. They are typically used to transport heavy loads via fixed, long-distance routes and may stop at several points to deliver or pick up goods.

Towing AGVs such as this Scott Automation Transbotics vehicle usually come with either lidar, magnetic, or optical navigation. They are typically classified by load capacity, and even though some of them can carry loads of 20 tons, 85% of all towing AGVs are able to carry up to 2 tons.

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1. Automated forklifts

2. Towing AGVs

3. Unit load and heavy burden carriers

4. Automated storage and retrieval systems

5. Articulated robot arms

6. Automated guided carts

7. Autonomous inventory robots

8. Unmanned aerial vehicles

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