8 Types of Warehouse Robots by Application

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Unit load and heavy burden carriers

Unit loads are known to carry individual loads such as single objects or units between fixed conveyors and can be divided into two types: the conveyor deck and the lift deck. Whereas the conveyor deck is typically used for the transportation of smaller loads, the lift deck serves to transport heavy loads that cannot be carried by forklifts.

The heavy burden carrier such as this one from Mobile Industrial Robots is growing type of warehouse robot, as it is specialized in carrying the heaviest loads. It can also carry human workers and is suitable for clearing narrow aisles and navigating through tight spaces.

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1. Automated forklifts

2. Towing AGVs

3. Unit load and heavy burden carriers

4. Automated storage and retrieval systems

5. Articulated robot arms

6. Automated guided carts

7. Autonomous inventory robots

8. Unmanned aerial vehicles

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