MassRobotics, Partners Announce Second Healthcare Robotics Startup Catalyst Cohort

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Maestro Surgical Robotics

​Dr. Hai Mi, co-founder and managing partner of Panacea Venture, and Prof. Jianyuan Jiang, a spinal surgeon and director of orthopedics at Huashan Hospital, co-founded Maestro Surgical Robotics Ltd. in 2021.

It uses a patented single-chip integrated motion controller (SMIC) invented by Rtimeman Motion Control Co., an early shareholder in Maestro Surgical.

“Using [an] ARM chipset, running on Linux and without fieldbus, SCIMC overcomes the inherent shortcomings of the traditional motion-control technology that is based on fieldbus and x86 chipset architecture,” said the company. “SCIMC has superior performance in response, real-time, synchronization, expandability, integration, and power consumption.”

Maestro Surgical has developed its own robot arm, software, and surgical tools in house, and its robot for lumbar decompression surgery has successfully performed pedicle screw-placement surgery on a pig and 3D models.

Novanta will work with Maestro Surgical, sharing its expertise in medical device manufacturing, photonics, vision, and precision motion control to achieve research and development milestones.

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