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Novanta to Acquire Sensor, Tooling Maker ATI Industrial Automation for $172M
Novanta is adding ATI and Schneider Electric Motion to its offerings for industrial equipment manufacturers, as well as for medical and collaborative robots.

NVIDIA, USC Researchers Present DiSECt Simulator for Robotic Cutting
NVIDIA and USC said DiSECt, their differentiable simulation engine for autonomous robotic cutting, could predict forces on knives cutting through soft natural materials.

Top 10 Robotics Transactions of June 2021
Self-driving vehicle developers continued fueling up for their long march toward full autonomy in June 2021, followed by factory, warehouse, and other automation.

Explorer Surgical Offers ExplORer Live to Provide Visibility Into Robotic Surgery, Shorten Learning Curve
One of the barriers to adoption of robotic surgery is the steep learning curve, which Explorer Surgical said its cloud-based ExplORer Live platform can shorten with real-time data.

CMR Raises $600M in Series D Funding for Versius Surgical Robots
CMR Surgical, which has developed the Versius robotic system for minimally invasive procedures, is valued at $3 billion and plans to continue its global commercialization.

CUREXO Surgical Robot CUVIS-Spine Gets FDA Approval
CUREXO plans to market its CUVIS-spine system for minimally invasive surgery worldwide now that it has FDA approval in addition to South Korean and European CE certification.

Top 10 Robotics Transactions of April 2021
Even not including the largest deals in AI and autonomous vehicles from April 2021, the month still featured multimillion-dollar transactions in exoskeletons, delivery robots, and surgical systems.

Vicarious Surgical Enters SPAC Merger for $115M
In a SPAC deal, Vicarious Surgical will gain valuation of $1.1 billion as it continues developing robotics and virtual reality for minimally invasive surgeries.

EDDA Technology Raises $150M to Develop Robotics for Precision Surgery
Edda Technology has developed 3D medical imaging systems that hundreds of hospitals use for pre-surgical planning and simulation, intra-operative navigation, and post-operative evaluation.

Precise Motion Control Provides Robots New Degrees of Freedom
Advanced motion control is enabling robots to move with precision and repeatability, which is necessary for collaborative applications such as baking and surgery.

3DHEART: 3D Printing Surgical Planning Models for Tiny Patients
Phoenix Children's Hospital designs 3D-printed pediatric heart models, supporting Project 3DHEART's goal to gain insurance coverage for surgical planning.

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