Agilent and Mytide Therapeutics to Collaborate on Automated Drug Manufacturing

Agilent will supply analytical and preparative chromatography equipment for Mytide’s discovery and personalized therapeutics technology platform.

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The BioFab2 includes robotics and technologies from both Mytide and Agilent.
Agilent Technologies and Mytide Therapeutics said they share a focus on using automation and analytics to address reliability and data-quality issues across the peptide industry.

The drug-development process can be complex, expensive, and time-consuming, but robotics and artificial intelligence can help. Mytide Therapeutics last month said it has partnered with Agilent Technologies Inc. to develop “robust, scalable, and reliable automation” for Mytide's BioFab2 platform. BioFab2 combines chemistry, robotics, and machine learning to advance and accelerate peptide and peptide conjugate manufacturing.

Under the terms of their agreement, Agilent will supply Mytide with analytical and preparative chromatography equipment. The partnership's stated goal is to hasten the development of life-saving therapeutics for clinical impact.

“It is extremely difficult to maintain data quality within high-throughput pipelines to apply advances in AI due to data reproducibility, quality, and sparsity,” said Dale Thomas, co-founder of Mytide Therapeutics. “By partnering with Agilent, Mytide’s system will be able to overcome these challenges through deeply integrated hardware and software to enable a true real-time data collection, visualization, and decision-making pipeline.”

Mytide applies AI to drug development

Mytide Therapeutics applies machine learning to peptide and biopolymer manufacturing and computational biology. The Boston-based company said it focuses on eliminating the time-consuming and labor-intensive chemical and screening processes preventing innovative therapeutics’ translation into the clinic.

Mytide said its technology and AI-enabled predictive analytics provide access to “a novel peptide space of difficult-to-make natural and non-natural peptide and peptide conjugates discovery and therapeutic manufacturing.” It is working on therapeutics for serious conditions ranging from metabolic conditions and cancer to inflammatory disorders and infectious diseases.

Pharmaceutical companies that require salable and time-sensitive manufacturing for both research and clinical programs to support various personalized therapies are Mytide's target for partnerships. The company claimed that its BioFab2 platform can be integrated into current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) environments.

Mytide said its partners can use BioFab2 to conduct scalable and decentralized clinical trials of leading peptide-based therapeutic candidates. The company raised $7 million in Seies A funding in March.

Agilent finds shared vision

Agilent and Mytide plan to use their combined technologies and analytical processes to address known bottlenecks in peptide development and manufacturing by improving process performance and reliability. Mytide said it will continue to build datasets and technologies to drive access beyond easily accessible biopolymers, which include peptide-drug conjugates, constrained peptides, and short proteins.

“Agilent is very excited by the opportunity to collaborate with the pioneering team at Mytide Therapeutics,” said Amir Liba, associate vice president, CMS East and Canada, at Agilent. “Our collaborative endeavor targeting the development of high-purity, customized peptides will contribute to the scientific excellence within the biopharmaceutical community and the scientific field as a whole.”

“Mytide and Agilent are committed to expand on our shared values and mission to deliver trusted answers and advance the quality of life with precision medicines,” he added. “We are thrilled with the prospect of sharing in their vision to redefine the biopharmaceutical industry’s expectations for peptide manufacturing.”

Spun off from Hewlett-Packard Co. in 1999, Agilent said it is a global leader in the life science, diagnostic, and applied chemical markets. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company supports disease research, drug discovery, and pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control.

“Mytide and Agilent’s shared interest on leading the revolution on combining analytics and machine learning will accelerate our ability to bring our quick-turn manufacturing technology into the broader drug-discovery ecosystem to further accelerate the development of new peptide therapeutics,” added Thomas.

The AssayMAP platform is a sample prep system for automated protein & peptide characterization and quantification workflows such as intact mass analysis, peptide quantification, peptide mapping, post-translational modifications, and many more.

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Business Wire

The BioFab2 includes robotics and technologies from both Mytide and Agilent.

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