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UPS Uses Robots and AI to Strengthen Network Capabilities, Enhance the Employee Experience
UPS is working with robotics suppliers including Fortna, Geek+, Locus Robotics, Pickle Robot, and more to improve working conditions and increase productivity.

Advanced Navigation Opens High-Tech Robotics Manufacturing Facility
Advanced Navigation has opened a facility in New South Wales, Australia, to commercialize technologies and develop the country's high-tech workforce.

Cyngn Deploys DriveMod Stockchasers at North American Facility of Heavy Equipment Manufacturer
Cyngn has begun deploying its DriveMod Stockchasers at a Fortune 100 heavy equipment manufacturer's factory that makes hundreds of machines per day.

Adidas and Geek+ Open New Automated Distribution Center
Adidas and Geek+ have built on their strategic partnership, with the global sportswear brand using Geek+ mobile robots and software in its new distribution center.

OptiFact Platform From ABB Robotics Streamlines Factory Data Collection, Visualization, and Analysis
OptiFact is factory device data analytics software that can increase uptime by up to 20%, according to ABB Robotics.

Dexterity AI and FedEx Collaborate to Develop Truck Loading Robot
Dexterity AI and FedEx are working to give the DexR system the perception, manipulation, and decision-making abilities for complex parcel handling.

RobotLAB Franchises Robot Integration Services With New Partners in North Carolina
RobotLAB franchisees plan to open multiple branches in the Carolinas to support integration of cleaning and service robots for the over 31,000 businesses in the territory.

Boston Dynamics AI Institute Launches Ethics Research Initiative for Robots, AI
The AI Institute, founded by Hyundai and Boston Dynamics, has launched a research team to explore societal questions around robotics and artificial intelligence.

World Robotics Report 2023 Shows Ongoing Global Growth in Installations, Finds IFR
The World Robotics Report for 2023 found that the automotive, electronics, and metals industries still lead demand for industrial automation.

Can Manufacturers Institute Finances EverestLabs Robot to Recycle More Than 1M Beverage Cans Annually
Can Manufacturers Institute members are funding an EverestLabs robot at a Caglia material recovery facility to demonstrate the value in recovering more used beverage cans.

Norway Energy Sector Diversifying, Presenting Opportunities for Automation, Finds Report
Norway has many robotics suppliers for its oil and gas industry, but the transition to other energy sources offers an opportunity, said HowToRobot and NFEA.

Dobot USA Opens Dallas Office, Announces New Collaborative Robots
Dobot USA opened its North American headquarters and said its CRA series of collaborative robots and software is now available.

Oceaneering Offers $200M in Senior Notes for Offshore and Mobile Robotics
Oceaneering, which provides both marine systems for remote inspection and mobile robots for logistics, is offering senior notes to mature in 2028.

Massachusetts Manufacturing Mash-Up Hosts Grant Winners, Innovators, and Students
The Massachusetts Manufacturing Mash-Up displayed robotics and 3D printing innovations, announced grant awards, and offered workforce development networking.

IAM Robotics Rebrands as Onward Robotics to Reflect Business Evolution, Market Focus
Onward Robotics said its Meet Me person-to-goods automation includes the Pyxis orchestration software and Lumabots mobile robots.

Diligent Robotics Raises $25M to Deploy Moxi Robots to Hospitals Nationwide
Diligent Robotics plans to use its latest funding to continue developing its Moxi mobile manipulator robot and expand deployments.

RiACT and Phoenix Mecano Jointly Offer XtendR to Give Cobots Greater Reach
RiACT is offering its RiFLEX software for easy collaborative robot programming with Phoenix Mecano's X2 lifting technology.

Clevon Delivers Close to 1,500 Packages for DHL Express Estonia
Clevon and DHL Express Estonia began their partnership last year, and customers given high marks to self-driving last-mile and middle-mile deliveries.

V and B Draws on SCALLOG Goods to Person Robots for Warehouse Growth
V and B, a French wine and beer franchise, is using SCALLOG mobile robots to flexibly respond to demand and reduce worker strain.

Manifest Vegas 2024 Plenary Stage to Feature Supply Chain Award Winners, Executives
Manifest Vegas 2024 plenary speakers discussing innovation will include executives from award-winning companies such as DHL Supply chain.

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Webcast: New Robots Emerge for Palletizing and Loading
Recording: Sep. 20, 2023 @ 2:00 EST
Webcast: New Robots Emerge for Palletizing and Loading

In addition to the each-picking robots that received attention during the recent e-commerce boom, many automation providers have focused lately on the need to handle totes, boxes, cases, and pallets. From high-bay lift trucks and truck-unloading systems to heavy-duty mobile robots and automated pallet jacks, robots have specialized for these applications.

More affordable and capable collaborative robots, improving machine vision, and software to manage the movement of goods and workers are also contributing to new use cases. It’s still up to warehouse and factory operators and their technology partners to identify the best ways to automate the storage and transport of their products or components.

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023

Time: 2:00 p.m. ET/11:00 a.m. PT


Webcast: How SICK Is Successfully Navigating the Automation Journey
Recording: May. 3, 2023 @ 2:00 EST
Webcast: How SICK Is Successfully Navigating the Automation Journey
The introduction of automation to warehouses should be managed strategically, and this webcast will discuss how to do it.

Webcast: Robotic Piece Picking With Machine Vision
Recording: Feb. 22, 2023 @ 2:00 EST
Webcast: Robotic Piece Picking With Machine Vision
Advances in motion control, machine vision, and grippers have enabled robots to more accurately pick variable items.

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