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Vecna Robotics closes $100 million series C, appoints new COO
Newly-appointed Vecna Robotics COO Michael Helmbrecht will oversee the development of initiatives, including a case-picking robot with GEODIS, using $40 million in new funding.

AutoStore opens new U.S. headquarters in New Hampshire
AutoStore said its new U.S. headquarters in Salem, N.H. will bring over 100 jobs to greater Boston. The facility includes its AutoStore Academy and Experience Center.

PIT’s xBridge innovation center helps Ottonomy evaluate use cases
At Pittsburgh International Airport’s xBridge innovation center, companies test their products in real-world environments, including Ottonomy’s autonomous delivery robots.

Flexibility, scalability at the ‘Hub’ of Locus Robotics’ offerings
Locus Robotics, through its LocusOne and LocusHub platforms, manage fleets of Origin and Vector AMRs for organizations across industries.

Robust.AI raises the bar with Grace fleet management software, Carter robot
Robust.AI’s Grace fleet management suite and Carter robot have set a high bar for collaborative efforts in the warehouse logistics space.

Maxim AI announces general availability, $3 million funding round
Founded by former Google and Postman API employees Vaibhavi Gangwar and Akshay Deo, Maxim AI aims to bring traditional software development best practices to AI workflows.

Pudu Robotics launches T300 industrial conveyance robot
Adding to its food and beverage, restaurant, and service robot offerings, PUDU’s T300 materials conveyance robot is equipped with SLAM navigation to provide flexible operations.

HowToRobot automation marketplace merges with Gain & Co advisory firm
Global automation marketplace HowToRobot and independent advisory firm Gain & Co merged to expand their vendor-agnostic robot consultation and supply business reach.

Working alongside Scythe Robotics autonomous mowers
Scythe Robotics’ implementation team trains landscapers to operate M.52 autonomous mowers through built-in control panels and app-based interfaces.

Vention, NVIDIA announce collaboration to democratize industrial automation
Vention and NVIDIA announced a collaboration at COMPUTEX 2024 in Taiwan, with Vention leveraging NVIDIA AI technologies to bring industrial automation to SMB manufacturers.

Unitree Robotics debuts new G1 humanoid with $16K price tag
Unitree Robotics announced the release of its new G1 humanoid robot, a smaller humanoid compared to its H1 offering, that comes with a base model price of $16K.

NVIDIA AI, Omniverse supercharge Taiwanese electronic makers’ robotic factories
NVIDIA announced at COMPUTEX 2024 that several major Taiwanese electronics makers are utilizing Ominverse, Metropolis and other technologies to supercharge its autonomous facilities.

RGo Robotics advances new era of intelligent automation with NVIDIA Isaac integration
RGo Robotics announced an integration with NVIDIA Isaac robotics technologies to advance AI-powered automation at COMPUTEX in Taipei.

ARM Institute issues Future of Work study
Humans and robots will need to work together in order to build a resilient and sustainable U.S. manufacturing workforce, said the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute.

A3 President Jeff Burnstein recaps Automate 2024, turns attention to robotics market
Jeff Burnstein, president of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) sat down to recap Automate 2024 and provide some analysis on the robot spending market with Robotics 24/7.

Pittsburgh Robotics Network, Cybernetix Ventures announce strategic partnership
Cybernetix Ventures recently partnered with the Pittsburgh Robotics Network to bring more of the cluster’s investable robotics opportunities to global markets.

Swisslog to deploy third AS/RS for Walmart milk processing facility
Scheduled to open in 2026, Walmart’s third milk processing facility featuring a Swisslog AS/RS with SynQ automation technology will serve stores in the South.

Global cobot market exceeds $1 billion in 2023, more growth expected
Collaborative robots are expected to grow significantly over the next several years, according to research firm Interact Analysis. The firm saw the cobot market exceed $1 billon in 2023.

Akribis Systems announces new compact rod motors
Akribis Systems recently announced its RDM-A series rod motors designed for compact spaces, which includes a tubular design and multiple axis control capabilities.

Roboteon adds new capabilities to Innovation Lab
Fulfillment software provider Roboteon’s Innovation Lab will demonstrate pick-and-place, conveyance transport, and person-to-goods interoperability and integration.

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Webcast: Warehouse robotics software - that was then, this is now
Recording: Jun. 20, 2024 @ 12:00 EST
Webcast: Warehouse robotics software - that was then, this is now

Many companies focus their attention on the hardware aspects of robotics systems - that’s what you can easily see. But equally important is the software side of the equation, from navigating integration with WMS and ERP systems to designing and optimizing workflows, orchestrating fulfillment processes, and innovative use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

There have been dramatic advances in the past two years in terms of warehouse robotics software. This broadcast will provide a non-commercial look at those advances, how they impact use cases and deployment, and where robotics software is headed.

What do organizations need to know to maximize their robot program success? What are some problems that prevent organizations from achieving flexibility in their warehouse robotics systems? 

Tune into this free discussion addressing these topics and more.

Date: Thursday, June 20, 2024
Time: 12:00 P.M. EDT/9:00 A.M. PDT


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Webcast: How small and midsize businesses can get started with robots
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