Agility Robotics Showcases Latest Version of Humanoid Robot Digit at ProMat 2023

The Oregon robot maker will also discuss details about its Agility Partner Program.

Agility Robotics

The new version of Digit includes digital eyes to help human workers understand what the robot is doing.
Agility Robotics showed off the humanoid robot in a demo area designed to look like a warehouse.

Agility Robotics is showcasing a new version of its human-centric multi-purpose robot at Promat 2023 in Chicago this week.

At Booth S1301, Agility Robotics has live demos of Digit in action in a replica warehouse work cell.

Earlier this month, the company teased the new version of Digit, which includes a head with LED animated eyes. The eyes were designed to help create better human robot interactions. The eyes, using simple expressions, can convey information and intent, Agility Robotics claimed.

“For example, the new Digit uses straightforward body language and eye movement to indicate which direction it is about to turn,” the company said.

The new Digit also has newly designed end effectors that have been optimized to handle plastic totes that are commonly used in warehouses, according to Agility Robotics.

Since Digit is a humanoid, it can work in spaces designed for humans, the company said. And like a human, Digit can be used to complete a variety of warehouse tasks.

“Three years ago, we introduced the first commercially available bi-pedal robot with a human form factor made for work,” said Damion Shelton, co-founder and CEO of Agility Robotics. “Since then, we have seen enormous interest in Digit from multinational logistics companies, and have worked closely with them to understand how they want to use Digit to improve warehouse and supply chain operations.”

Shelton noted that the new version of Digit was “designed with those customers in mind.”

Agility APP is a major part of Digit’s development

Corvallis, Ore.-based Agility Robotics will also highlight its Agility Partner Program (APP.) The company is now calling for applications for the partner program and will select a limited number of companies to join it.

It noted that the APP will provide partners with an exclusive opportunity to shape the development of Digit’s skills and abilities. They will also have access to the new Digit before it is commercially available.

Agility Robotics said it will work closely with its partner companies to understand how Digit can be used to help them better manage their workflows and address pain points. In turn, participating companies will help influence Digit’s development.

“We learned so much about how robots can partner with the human workforce and work naturally with human environments, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact that the new Digit will have in the world,” said Jonathan Hurst, co-founder and CTO of Agility Robotics.

“When people and robots work together in logistics operations, working conditions improve for people, warehouse efficiency improves overall, the supply chain moves more smoothly – everybody wins,” he said.

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Agility's new Digit robot

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Agility Robotics

The new version of Digit includes digital eyes to help human workers understand what the robot is doing.

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