Ambi Robotics Releases AmbiSort B Series, a Robotic Modular Parcel Induction System

Ambi Robotics said its new system marks its entry into automated induction.

Ambi Robotics

Ambi Robotics has released its new AmbiSort Series B for parcel induction tasks.
Ambi Robotics' new AmbiSort B Series takes advantage of the company's AI-powered robotic picking system to complete parcel induction tasks.

Ambi Robotics announced today the release of a new robotic parcel system. The AmbiSort B-Series is a modular parcel induction system that automates the process of inducting and sorting parcels into gaylord boxes, which are boxes used to transfer bulk product.

The AmbiSort B-Series uses multiple robot arms in unison to sort parcels at high speed from bulk unstructured input bins into gaylord destinations, the Berkeley, Calif.-based company said.

The sorting solution is versatile, with the number of outputs and layout adjustable to fit specific needs and footprint, according to the company. The system was designed to provide a complete sortation process automation, including induction, grasping, 6-side scan tunnel, quality control, and accurate placement into output locations.

“The AmbiSort B-Series is a testament to our proven expertise in AI-powered robotic parcel sortation, meticulous engineering, and unwavering dedication to delivering a product that aligns with market demands,” said Jim Liefer, CEO of Ambi Robotics, in a statement. “The AmbiSort B-Series marks Ambi Robotics’ entry into automated induction, middle-mile sortation, and reverse logistics as we build upon the success of the 80 flagship AmbiSort A-Series systems deployed across the US.”

The AmbiSort B-Series is the company's second system. The company also offers the AmbiSort A-Series, which is a small sorting system.

In October, the company raised $32 million in funding. In total, the company has raised $65 million, according to Crunchbase

AmbiSort B Series offers flexibility

Ambi Robotics noted the AmbiSort B-Series is modular. Customers can configure the system to their precise sorting needs, seamlessly integrating automated induction, sorting, item manipulation, and accurate placement.

Configurations include:

  • Induction Cell: Automated induction from deep bin or conveyor to conveyor, trays, and containers.
  • End-to-End Sortation: Automated induction onto a central conveyor with six-sided scan tunnel and bidirectional conveyor divert modules, sorting to a variety of output containers including gaylords, wire containers, and more.
  • Vision-Based Sorter Expansion: Enhance capacity and efficiency in high-speed sorting operations by integrating AI-based quality control with upstream sorters. Seamlessly integrate with existing machinery to enable advanced tracking and package analysis throughout middle-mile parcel sorting operations, optimizing performance and minimizing errors.

AmbiSort B-Series can be leveraged for induction only, reverse logistics, sort to carrier, zone skipping, and final-mile sortation. The system can also be configured for conveyor and AI vision systems only.

The AmbiSort B-Series expands with existing processes and is flexible and modular so customers can add additional induction cells to boost throughput speeds or expand the number of destinations to increase capacity, the company said.

The system automates the labor-intensive and manual sorting processes involved in inducting and sorting mixed parcels into gaylord destinations. It is powered by the company's proprietary simulation-to-reality (Sim2Real) AI.

“Today's ecommerce retailers need fast and flexible AI-powered sorting capabilities that enable them to inject packages at strategic points within the growing parcel network,” says Jeff Mahler, Co-founder and CTO of Ambi Robotics. “Configurable from its core, the AmbiSort B-Series couples cutting-edge parcel induction, with high-speed end-to-end sortation - unlocking new levels of productivity, accuracy and worker safety.”

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Ambi Robotics

Ambi Robotics has released its new AmbiSort Series B for parcel induction tasks.

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