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Covariant Profile

Founded in 2017 by AI researchers and roboticists from the University of California, Berkeley, and OpenAI, Covariant said it is working to apply the latest AI breakthroughs to the biggest industrial opportunities. The company described its Covariant Brain as a “universal AI that allows robots to see, reason, and act on the world around them.”

707 Heinz Ave., Ste. B
Berkeley, California, 94710
United States
(510) 367-5454 
[email protected]

Since the first industrial robots were introduced in the 1960s, millions have been deployed globally. Their impact is undeniable. Robots have automated countless dangerous and repetitive tasks. They have not only transformed manufacturing, but they've also reached a fraction of their potential, noted Covariant.

Incapable of thinking on their own, most robots can only do pre-programmed tasks in tightly-controlled environments. They can't understand, learn, or adapt, said the company, legally known as Emboided Intelligence Inc.

Building on experience at Berkeley and OpenAI, the company's vision is the Covariant Brain: universal AI that allows robots to see, reason, and act on the world around them. It is bringing the Covariant Brain to commercial viability, starting with the industries that make, move, and store things in the physical world.

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Today’s retailers are challenged with balancing increasing customer demand with tight labor markets. In this video, Covariant co-founders, Peter Chen, CEO, and Pieter Abbeel, chief research scientist, explain how AI Robotics are simplifying retail logistics operations and why it’s important.