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Gideon Robotics Profile

Gideon Robotics provides autonomous mobile robots using AI and 3D vision to automate supply chain operations and provide new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Gideon Robotics
Radnička cesta 177
Zagreb, 10000

Gideon Robotics says it helps automate and orchestrate the most complex industrial workflows with its scalable and easy-to-use intelligent material handling solutions powered by artificial intelligence and 3D vision.

The company's visual autonomous mobile robots are built for unstructured, dynamic indoor and outdoor environments. They can quickly adapt to the realities of complex manufacturing or warehousing environments and labour variability without the need for infrastructure changes, it claims.

Gideon says its customers see higher employee satisfaction, increased productivity, returns on investment, and the potential to unlock opportunities to automate processes that have never been automated before.

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DB Schenker deployed Gideon Brothers’ autonomous mobile robots in their facility at Leipzig. The Leipzig facility is DB Schenker’s largest supply center worldwide, with an area of 125.000 m2 (around 18 soccer fields!) and a daily average of 70 containers or 4500m3 of packaged outgoing goods.

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