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GreyOrange Profile

660 Hembree Parkway, Suite 120
Alpharetta, Georgia, 30076
United States
(833) 997-6268

GreyOrange is a multinational technology company that designs, manufactures and deploys advanced robotics systems for automation in warehouses, distribution and fulfillment centers. Through the use of flexible automation, the power of AI and exceptional customer service, GreyOrange works closely with businesses to recognize their needs, optimize the supply chain and enhance process efficiency.

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GreyOrange Ranger Goods-to-Person System

The GreyOrange Ranger GTP is a decision science driven advanced autonomous mobile robot that uses goods-to-person technology for automated put-away, inventory storage, replenishment and order picking in fulfillment and distribution centers.

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Mobile Robots Address Constant Peak Demand
Mobile robots are becoming more common in warehouses and distribution centers, but operators can gain even more benefits from scalability and collaboration with human workers.

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