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AeroVironment Inc. Profile

AeroVironment Inc.
900 Innovators Way
Simi Valley, California, 03065-0906
United States
1 (626) 357-9983

AeroVironment provides mobile robots, sensors, software analytics, and connectivity to deliver actionable intelligence so customers can “proceed with certainty.” The company was founded in 1971 and supplies defense, government, and commercial customers with unmanned aircraft and tactical missile systems.

AeroVironment said its purpose “is to secure lives and advance sustainability through transformative innovation.” Its systems are designed to provide customers a fresh vantage point, enabling them to see the world with new eyes and extending their reach beyond the line of sight.

“Whether they are warfighters searching for an enemy, border patrol agents searching for people in need of assistance, or telecom providers linking millions to the digital economy, our customers choose AeroVironment because our systems generate actionable intelligence reliably, creating a path to goals that would otherwise be unattainable,” it said.

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