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AutoGuide Mobile Robots Profile

AutoGuide Mobile Robots
2 Omni Way
Chelmsford, Massachusetts, 01824
United States

AutoGuide is a leading supplier of advanced industrial Mobile Robots. The Max N10 mobile robot platform features LiDAR for natural features navigation. Configurations are available now for tugger, conveyor deck, and pallet stacker applications. Each configuration is also available with a dual mode manual driver platform for ultimate operational flexibility. In the tugger configuration, these robust vehicles can transport loads up to 10,000 pounds at speeds up to 4 mph with no changes to existing infrastructure, which makes them perfect for dynamic environments.

The low profile Mylo series is engineered to tunnel under load handling frames, and hitches automatically with a programmable pin assembly. These compact mobile robots use magnetic tape guidance to transport loads up to 4,400 pounds.

Engineered with modular designs and innovative features, AutoGuide’s Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are low-cost and backed by a comprehensive range of end-to-end support to deliver maximum value to your operation no matter what your industry.