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Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products Profile

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products
Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC, 12020 Tramway Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45241
United States

ResinDek® flooring panels, manufactured by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, are engineered for elevated platforms. They have the proven structural integrity to support the rigorous demands of AGVs and AMRs. ResinDek panels with the TriGard® and MetaGard® finishes have been extensively tested with robotics for coefficient of friction, wear resistance and light reflectivity. In addition, ResinDek flooring panels provide a flat flooring solution, is environmentally and economically friendly and is backed by a 10-year product warranty.

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ResinDek Flooring Panels Inside a Distribution Center

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products is the manufacturer of ResinDek flooring panels, the premier flooring system designed for the material handling, supply chain and self-storage industries.

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