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AI-Powered Autonomous Technology for Industrial Fleets

Cyngn is an autonomous vehicle robotics company specializing in autonomous mobile robots for industrial applications.

Cyngn, 1015 O'Brien Drive
Menlo Park, California, 94025
United States
[email protected]

Cyngn develops and deploys autonomous vehicle solutions to industrial fleets.

Its self-driving vehicle technology helps industrial organizations become more efficient, productive, and safe, addressing challenges such as labor shortages, safety incidents, and increased eCommerce demand.

Cyngn's DriveMod Kit can be installed on new industrial vehicles at the end of production or retrofitted onto existing fleets, allowing customers to easily adopt self-driving technology without high upfront costs or the need to replace their existing vehicles. DriveMod is part of its Enterprise Autonomy Suite, which also includes Cyngn Insight, a customer-facing AV fleet management and analytics tool, and Cyngn Evolve, an internal toolkit for data analysis and simulation.

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Cyngn Deploys DriveMod Kit

Cyngn is excited to announce that we have officially launched DriveMod Kit, a scalable AV solution for which we filed a patent in February 2022. DriveMod Kit is designed to retrofit existing industrial vehicles or simplify integration onto newly manufactured vehicles. Check out the video below and see DriveMod Kit in action.

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