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Körber Supply Chain
5600 W 83rd Street, Suite 600, 8200 Tower
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55437
United States

Körber Supply Chain uniquely provides a broad range of proven, end-to-end supply chain solutions fitting any business size, strategy, or appetite for growth. Capable of delivering not just software, but automation, voice, robotics, and materials handling – plus the expertise to tie it all together.

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Watch how leading sports retailer evo overcomes peak challenges with AMRs

After searching for a solution to their peak season stress, evo chose Körber Supply Chain and Locus Robotics to help them implement AMRs to boost productivity and ease the need for temporary and seasonal workers.

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The exponential growth of ecommerce over the last few years means supply chain logistics need innovative solutions to answer new challenges. AMRs improve logistics and operations efficiency by supporting floor operations, transportation and processing. Download this paper to learn more about AMRs.

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