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Material Handling Systems
131 Griffin Way
Mt. Washington, Kentucky, 40047
United States
(502) 636-0690

MHS Global is a full-service provider of innovative material handling systems that solve the challenges of distribution and fulfillment operations. It said it takes a comprehensive, customer-centric approach that includes custom engineering, design, manufacturing and turnkey integration services.

MHS's systems use a broad range of controls and automated equipment, including but not limited to sorters, conveyors, and extendable loading and unloading systems. The company's subject-matter experts provide support to maintain materials handling systems for peak performance, with predictive analytics and local technicians to maximize long-term value and return on investment.

MHS has a global installed base of over $5 billion for small to large distribution and fulfillment projects in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, parcel, third-party logistics, and outside integrators.

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Material Handling Systems

At MHS, we create material handling systems that keep the world moving forward. MHS Global is a full-service integrator of automation solutions, able to handle virtually all aspects of distribution center projects in-house, from system design and fabrication to controls, installation, and aftermarket support.

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