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Veo Robotics Profile

Using advanced computer vision and 3D sensing, Veo Robotics is reinventing the way products are manufactured by giving standard industrial robots the ability to perceive and respond to their surroundings so they can work safely alongside humans. The company provides the conditions for safe and dynamic interactions between humans and robots so that manufacturers can build more fluid, efficient, and flexible production lines. Veo currently partners with the four major robot manufacturers FANUC, Yaskawa, ABB, and KUKA.

Veo Robotics
411 Waverly Oaks Road, Suite 107
Waltham, Massachusetts, 02452
United States

Veo Robotics is enabling machines to be more responsive so that manufacturers can take full advantage of dynamic, flexible, human-machine collaboration.

Applications that require the speed and strength of industrial automation also increasingly require human dexterity and versatility.

Veo FreeMove is a comprehensive 3D safeguarding system that can reduce the cost and complexity of enabling robots to work at full speed in workcells but slow or stop for safety when a human co-worker is present.

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Veo Robotics

Learn how Veo Robotics is transforming manufacturing, leveraging the strengths of industrial robots with the strengths of people.

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