Logistics Reaches New Levels With Robotics

The potential is great, but it's best to focus on specific needs first, say suppliers and users.

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We’re in the midst of a busy holiday shopping season after nearly two years of elevated e-commerce demand, persistent labor and supply chain problems, and widening adoption of automation. If there was a one-size-fits-all solution to logistics challenges, it would already be in use.

But after years of hype and trials, robotics suppliers now have proven systems for materials handling in numerous environments. Warehouses are starting to bring in mobile robots in larger numbers, report industry analysts. After years of development, we're also starting to see more robust picking and last-mile delivery systems.

Whether you're just getting started or are considering scaling automation, remember that robot software and fleet management are important—as are your own processes.

In this Special Focus Issue, we look at how asset management, artificial intelligence, and financing options can help companies of various sizes. In addition, we examine the difference between mico-fulfillment and hyperlocal fulfillment, two buzzworthy phrases in groceries and e-commerce, but not limited to those sectors.

Here are just some of the topics in this free download:

  • Mobile Robot Adoption by Warehouses Will Surge to the Half-Million Mark
  • How to Get to Hyperlocal Fulfillment, Fast
  • 3 Ways in Which Robots Are Helping the Supply Chain Industry
  • Robots Deliver in the Last Mile, Giving Retailers and Patrons More Options
  • How Can Robots Improve Picking Operations in Warehouses?
  • Think of Robots as a Supply Chain Asset
  • Warehouses Not Yet Taking Full Advantage of AI, Finds Study

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