Celera Motion Control Introduces Field Calibration IncOder for Accurate, Robust Angle Measurement

Celera Motion said its new encoder system offers both optical accuracy and robustness for challenging environments.

Celera Motion

Celera Motion provides technologies for field calibration.
Celera Motion said its Field Calibration IncOder is an absolute inductive encoder for accurate angle measurement and position feedback for robots in demanding environments.

Celera Motion Control today launched its Field Calibration IncOder, a new absolute inductive encoder that it claimed “achieves next-level accuracy angle measurement in motion control applications and position feedback in robotics in the most demanding environments.”

The Bedford, Mass.-based Novanta Inc. unit said it designed the Field Calibration IncOder for applications that need precise measurements in conditions not suited for optical encoders. These include dusty, dirty and wet environments or where high shocks and vibrations are common.

“Our new Field Calibration IncOder provides the best of both worlds: the superior accuracy of optical encoders with the robustness of our inductive IncOder series,” stated Swapnil Mane, vice president of product management and marketing at Celera Motion.

“And it achieves all of this in a low-profile, inductive sensor package,” he added. “By enabling customers to store calibration data within IncOder after installation, a gearshift in accuracy performance is made possible.” 

Field Calibration IncOder suitable for robots

Celera Motion said its new encoder is suitable for a range of applications requiring ultra-high accuracy. They include field robotics, camera gimbals, SATCOM, surveillance, and off-highway vehicles. 

The Field Calibration IncOder is intended to optimize inductive sensing performance, said the company. It provides maximum accuracy performance of up to 10 arcseconds, combined with high environmental integrity, Celera Motion noted.

The company listed the following benefits and features of the Field Calibration IncOder: 

  • The ability to calibrate the encoder in-situ, enabling the high-accuracy position measurement
  • A low-profile form factor and large bore, making it compact, lightweight, and easy to install 
  • Rugged construction that’s resistant to dust, dirt, oil, water, and other contaminants, allowing it to operate in more extreme environments 
  • The ability to generate calibration tables and store calibration data within the on-board electronics of the IncOder — by communicating with it through a bespoke serial interface 
  • Multiple size and mounting formats, providing more flexibility in designs 
  • A duplex mechanical format that provides electrical redundancy, enabling systems to meet higher safety levels 
  • The ability to operate reliably with high shocks and vibrations, with immunity to external magnetic fields as well

Celera Motion Field Calibration InCoder

The IncOder series offers comes in multiple sizes and is designed for precision in motion-control applications. Source: Celera Motion

The Field Calibration IncOder is available in Mini and Midi IncOder sizes (37 to 300 mm, or 1.4 to 11.8 in.). Each sensor is fully configurable in terms of mounting format, connection/cable, supply voltage, and single turn and multiturn outputs, said Celera Motion.

The new offering also includes extended and digital protocol options, including BiSS-C, SSI, SPI, ABZ and Asynchronous serial outputs. More information about the Field Calibration IncOder is available from Celera Motion's sales team.

About Celera Motion

Celera Motion said it is a market-leading provider of motion control components and subsystems for OEMs serving a variety of medical and advanced industrial markets. The company offers precision encoders, motors, and customized mechatronicds to help customers solve challenging motion-control problems.

Bedford, Mass.-based Novanta said it has deep proprietary expertise in photonics, vision, and precision motion technologies.

IncOder Inductive Angle Encoders are Non-contact, inductive angle encoders for high-precision, reliable measurement in harsh environments.

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Celera Motion

Celera Motion provides technologies for field calibration.

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