DOBOT Shows Second-Generation M1 Pro Collaborative Robot at iREX 2022

DOBOT says its latest lightweight SCARA robot is suitable for applications such as gluing, assembly, and pick and place.


DOBOT is exhibiting its cobot product line at iREX 2022.
DOBOT is showing its latest M1 Pro SCARA light industrial robot, which includes features for safe collaboration in manufacturing and education applications, at iREX 2022 in Tokyo this week.

At the International Robot Exhibition 2022 this week in Tokyo, DOBOT has unveiled its M1 Pro for light industrial tasks. The Shenzhen, China-based company provides systems for manufacturing and educational applications.

The DOBOT M1 Pro is a SCARA robot that includes features for safer human-machine collaboration than conventional robot arms, said DOBOT. It added that the lightweight robot is suitable for applications such as pick-and-place, gluing, and assembly for the manufacturing, communications, consumer electronics, and higher education industries.

Founded in 2015, DOBOT said it has more than 686 patents and 34 Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications. The company added that it has shipped over 55,000 units to more than 100 countries. DOBOT said the products in its booth at the International Robot Exhibition (iREX) are organized around the theme of providing “the way towards friendlier society, bridged by robots.”



DOBOT M1 Pro features

DOBOT said the M1 Pro offers the following benefits to users:

  • Fast performance: An integrated controller and robot arm enable plug-and-play use and eliminate the need to find connections, said the company. The new robot's maximum joint speed can reach 180° per second, and its cycle time is 0.46 second.
  • Reliability and safety: The M1 Pro can safely collaborate with human operators, claimed DOBOT. The front part of the arm is 40% narrower than a traditional industrial robotic arm, limiting the potential for damage to the machine.
  • Easy operation: The M1 Pro supports wireless control on different devices with multiple programming options. This can simplify testing and programming processes.
  • Smart performance: Designed for intelligent integration, M1 Pro saves installation time, DOBOT said. The M1 Pro can maintain smooth operations and guarantee consistent production, for example, in a gluing application.

Cobots automate new applications

Thanks to recent technological breakthroughs, tasks that were previously impossible to automate can now be done by robots, said DOBOT. Numerous robotics vendors have developed collaborative robots, but DOBOT said it is one of the few to gain strong support for both industrial and educational robots.

After DOBOT's launch of the M1 Pro at iREX 2022, the SCARA robot will officially go on sale worldwide. The company said its distributors will help customers place orders globally and ship M1 Pro collaborative robots on time.

DOBOT's latest product-M1 Pro is the second generation of collaborative SCARA robots.

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DOBOT is exhibiting its cobot product line at iREX 2022.

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