Mammotion Says RTK Technology Enables Robotic Lawn Mowers to Memorize Routes

Mammotion's Real-Time Kinematic algorithms provide centimeter-level accuracy and allow for multiple zones and routes, says the company.


Mammotion's RTK technology enables autonomous lawn mower routes such as this rectangular ambulatory one.
Mammotion claims its Real-Time Kinematic technology provides centimeter-level accuracy and the ability for robotic lawn mowers to follow multiple preplanned routes.

Most conventional robotic lawn mowers require geofencing, or perimeter wires, to make sure the mower “stays within the lines.” By contrast, Mammotion said its technology allows users to simply walk the perimeter of a lawn once to set a virtual boundary.

Mammotion claimed that its Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) technology provides accuracy to within 2 cm (0.7 in.). RTK also enables a robot to mow separate zones, said the Shenzhen, China-based company. In addition, Mammotion said its algorithms can create planned routes to eliminate repetitive movements and triple mowing efficiency.

The company recently launched its LUBA robotic lawn mower for consumers. Jidong Wei, founder of Mammotion, replied to Robotics 24/7's questions about the robotic lawn mowing market and RTK.

Mammotion designs RTK for ease of use

Is Mammotion targeting residential lawns rather than commercial landscaping? How did it make that choice?

Mammotion is committed to leading a smarter and more efficient eco-friendly outdoor lifestyle by providing more solutions in innovative electric robotics tools.

Currently, we offer the LUBA and YUKA robotic lawn mowers to residential and commercial users, respectively, for parks, gardens, and residential yards.

With the Real-Time Kinematic technology, can the mower memorize more than one lawn at a time?

LUBA can memorize more than one lawn at a time. Users can easily create and set different mowing lawns and tasks for different mowing areas in the Mammotion App.

When you need different mowing tasks, you can select them directly in the app.

Mammotion robotic lawn mowing comparison

Mammotion claimed that its preplanned robotic lawn mowing routes are more efficient that those of the competition. Source: Mammotion

How easy is it to update a map?

To reset the mowing area, users can find a “create new task” button in the Mammotion App. They'd follow the prompts to quickly update a mowing map. Users can easily set a new mowing area by working with LUBA again to map new virtual boundaries as the new mowing zone.

Additionally, the old mowing area will be saved and can be used later on if needed.

How exactly does the multiple mowing mode improve efficiency? Are these route-planning algorithms, or does “mode” mean something else?

Yes, there are three different mowing modes based on different route-planning algorithms, including single-grid mode, double-grid mode, and rectangular ambulatory mode.

Based on the internal testing, the mowing efficiency is up to 500m2 [5,381.9 sq. ft. or 0.1 acres] per hour in the single-grid mode. Compared to conventional robotic mowers, the planned route algorithms can eliminate repetitive movements to deliver impressive results with three times improved mowing efficiency.

What feedback have users provided so far regarding these features?

The product is still in the final stages of testing and production, so we are hoping to receive user feedback by early 2023.

Where will LUBA be available?

LUBA will be available in the following countries: the U.S., Germany, Canada, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

Can Luba mow the lawn on all 4 sides of the house? Can Luba mow without visibility of RTK? Mammotion shows that even if the RTK antenna (beta version) is placed in a high place in the front yard, Luba can mow in the backyard without being in the line of sight of the RTK antenna.

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Mammotion's RTK technology enables autonomous lawn mower routes such as this rectangular ambulatory one.

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