MODEX 2024: Zivid brings 3D+2D cameras to Fizyr’s new vision packs

Zivid helps Fizyr vision packs see transparency and perform out of the box


Zivid brings its 3D+2D cameras to Fizyr's vision packs, announced at MODEX 2024.
FIzyr welcomed Zivid to its partner program as part of MODEX 2024, integrating Zivid’s cameras into multiple new Fizyr vision packs.

Fizyr, an AI for robotic systems provider, welcomed Zivid to its partner program during MODEX 2024 in Atlanta.

Zivid cameras are integrated into several of Fizyr’s new certified vision packs, and integrators now have access to a variety of Vision Pack configurations to help work through complex automation challenges.

Extended vision capabilities with Zivid cameras

Fizyr’s certified vision packs currently tackle six of the most complex automation challenges:

Integrators can choose from several configurations to secure the right combination of components, capabilities and costs to handle customer automation challenges. Through its partner program, Fizyr continues to develop new combinations and use cases for its vision packs.

“Zivid has long been an innovative and collaborative partner to Fizyr, and developing some of our vision packs with them and their incredibly capable line of cameras has helped us get off to a fast start, just like the vision packs do for our integrators,” said Ken Fleming, Fizyr CEO.

Pairing the Zivid 2 and 2+ lines of cameras with Fizyr’s deep learning vision AI creates a wide range of options for pick and place robotic cells that can handle a variety of challenging scenes and objects, including transparent plastic, polished cylinders or dark reflective parts.

Fizyr identifies each item with segmentation, shape detection and material detection. Its algorithms prioritize the actions to be taken, utilizing cascade learning to analyze inputs, calculate optimal actions and direct the robot. After each pick, a new image allows Fizyr to recalculate, account for any changes that occurred, and direct the robot’s next step, all in a fraction of a second.

“Zivid cameras help integrators solve the most complex automation challenges their customers face, but great results require highly capable brains,” said Mikkel Orheim, SVP, sales and marketing at Zivid. “Fizyr’s Vvsion packs deploy proven combinations of the right camera, robot, gripper and brain to address common complex problems, and by doing this, they achieve the fast and reliable throughputs required by the most demanding customers.”

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Zivid brings its 3D+2D cameras to Fizyr's vision packs, announced at MODEX 2024.

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