MODEX 2024: Piaggio Fast Forward announces launch of kilo mobile robot

Hands-free following robotic platform latest in PFF portfolio

Piaggio Fast Forward

The PFF kilo mobile robot debuted at MODEX 2024.
Piaggio Fast Forward released its kilo hands-free following mobile robot at MODEX 2024, offering flexible automation and customizable materials handling options for a variety of options.

Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF), a smart following technology subsidiary of the Piaggio Group, announced the launch of PFF kilo, the newest addition to its portfolio of mobile technology solutions for businesses.

Kilo is a 4-wheeled robotic flat bed with hands-free human following capabilities. With a payload of up to 300 lbs. and a maximum speed of 3 mph, kilo is designed to work alongside humans, enabling users to move materials more naturally and without the risk of repetitive motion injuries. The kilo marks the first introduction of PFF’s proprietary “Travel on Known Paths” autonomous behavior, allowing users to train robots on paths up to 100 meters in length and store up to 100 trips per fleet for future use.

Piaggio will have kilo on display at its booth during MODEX 2024.

Moving ahead with PFF kilo

PFF kilo can be optionally outfitted with industry- or facility-specific carts or shelving to ensure the right platform configuration for any job. The offering is also equipped with PFF pro tools web portal and mobile applications, allowing for fleet management and regular software improvements.

“Our robotics technology is augmenting workforces around the world and PFF kilo is the newest model offering customizable options with the ability to utilize our latest software tools and data to manage the human-robot relationship,” said CEO Greg Lynn. “From manufacturing to any industry that relies on the repetitive movement of goods across campuses and facilities, PFF’s autonomous technology allows our robots to safely move with and around workers in complex environments and to help individuals in the workplace, streamlining workflows and increasing productivity.”

Kilo is operated using a single intuitive button which indicates the functionality status and features of the robot through color, brightness and light patterns. The robot uses proprietary human etiquette algorithms, depth cam­eras and 4D radar. It is optimized for detecting and predicting human behavior while operating at pedestrian speeds.

The hands-free following allows for both indoor and outdoor use for a wide variety of environments and applications. PFF kilo is designed to augment workers with valuable efficiency and safety, enhancing rather than replacing workers and jobs.

The kilo is equipped with PFF pro tools fleet management software. The cloud-based and proprietary software tool is a fleet management offering built to optimize and augment the working relationship between humans and their robotic counterparts. PFF’s next generation of robots provides integration and orchestration features, allowing teams to achieve more while collaborating with their robot partners.

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Piaggio Fast Forward

The PFF kilo mobile robot debuted at MODEX 2024.

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