Ottopia Announces Availability of Teleoperation Software on NVIDIA DRIVE AGX

Company says its system enables remote and safe monitoring of autonomous vehicles.


Ottopia claims that it has a complete teleoperation software stack.
Ottopia claimed that its software, which is now available on NVIDIA's DRIVE AGX platform, can enable safe teleoperation of any system.

Ottopia Technologies Ltd. today said that its teleoperation software is now available on the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX platform. NVIDIA DRIVE is an open, software-defined, end-to-end platform that the transportation industry is using to develop autonomous vehicles at scale.

Mission-critical systems such power plants and aircraft require human supervision. Similarly, a human must be in the loop, or present, for most safe autonomous vehicle operations, said Tel Aviv, Israel-based Ottopia.

“With Ottopia as an NVIDIA DRIVE ecosystem partner, developers can now access a universal teleoperation option for safe remote monitoring with tight integration to the DRIVE platform,” said Rammy Bahalul, director of autonomous machines and vehicles at NVIDIA.

Teleoperation promises to save money, lives

Founded in 2018, Ottopia Technologies claimed that it is the only company that provides all the key technologies to control vehicles remotely and safely. Ottopia said its customers can save money and lives by deploying its software in their autonomous trucks, forklifts, shuttles, and other types of vehicles.

“There are always going to be edge cases that autonomy alone is not equipped to handle,” stated Amit Rosenzweig, founder and CEO of Ottopia. “You will always need, and want, a human to be able to intervene. That is why Ottopia's technology should be integrated with any autonomous system.”

The company said it systems are designed to accelerate the commercial deployment of autonomous systems and improve their uptime. Ottopia is targeting the automotive, logistics, last-mile, agricultural and mining sectors. The company's first product is a universal teleoperation platform, which allows a human operator to monitor and control any type of vehicle from thousands of miles away.

Ottopia added that is the only teleoperation provider to solve this problem with automotive-grade technology. This is achieved by combining the key components of teleoperation, including dynamic video compression, AI-based network optimization, safety systems, and cybersecurity, the latter two of which are exclusive to Ottopia.

“Ottopia's software is optimized to efficiently run on the state-of-the-art NVIDIA DRIVE platform, so customers working in autonomous vehicles and autonomous machines can enjoy the benefits of teleoperation, right out of the box,” Rosenzweig said.

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Ottopia claims that it has a complete teleoperation software stack.

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