RE2 Robotics Launches RE2 Sapien Robotic Arm to Augment Human Capabilities

RE2 Robotics said its new RE2 Sapien arms are designed for complex indoor and outdoor applications.

RE2 Robotics

RE2's Sapien arms are designed for a variety of applications and environments.
The new RE2 Sapien arms are designed for tasks from maneuvering solar panels to inspecting pipes below the ocean surface, says RE2 Robotics.

RE2 Robotics Inc. today unveiled RE2 Sapien, its new brand of robotic arms. The Pittsburgh-based company said its systems can improve operational efficiencies, worker safety, and productivity. The RE2 Sapien includes intuitive human-robot controls, as well as computer and autonomy capabilities for outdoor use, including underwater, said RE2 Robotics.

RE2 Robotics was founded in 2001 and has developed robotic arms, controllers, and autonomy software. The U.S. Department of Energy recently awarded the company $1.2 million to develop a robotic manipulation system for the construction of solar panels.

RE2 Sapien comes out of military technology

“The core robotic technology within the RE2 Sapien arms was originally developed by our team for the U.S. military, and we have built on that expertise to deliver commercial solutions in the aviation, construction, energy, and medical markets,” said David Lee, director of product management at RE2 Robotics. “Additionally, our Maritime Dexterous Manipulation System, developed for U.S. Navy applications, will now be productized commercially as RE2 Sapien Sea Class arms.”

RE2 said its Sapien arms can operate in both structured and unstructured environments, including in constrained indoor settings like operating rooms and outdoors in harsh weather. The arms feature high strength-to-weight ratios, precise control, and dexterity “that matches or exceeds the performance of human arms,” claimed the company.

“Our goal is not to replace human workers, but to enhance the work experience through a lens of humanity using robotic tools that will improve worker safety, efficiency, productivity, and longevity,” stated Jorgen Pedersen, president and CEO of RE2. “Our new RE2 Sapien intelligent robotic arms have been designed and built to be cost-effective solutions for the operational and technical needs of our customers.”

“Whether maneuvering solar panels at height above a construction site or inspecting pipes far below the surface of the ocean, our RE2 Sapien arms serve as an extension of a human operator or perform tasks autonomously with human supervision from a safe location,” he added. “As the future of work evolves, so must the technology that enables humans to safely perform challenging tasks.”

RE2 Robotics says it provides human-like manipulation for a variety of environments.

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RE2 Robotics

RE2's Sapien arms are designed for a variety of applications and environments.

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