Rockwell Automation Launches PowerFlex 755TS AC Drive to Widen Applications

Rockwell Automation's new drive, now available across Asia-Pacific, is designed to help reduce downtime and get motors running faster.

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation PowerFlex 755TS family enclosures are available in corrosive-gas and cybersecurity options.
Rockwell Automation is offering its PowerFlex 755TS drive with TotalFORCE technology in Asia-Pacific to improve motor-control productivity and ease the maintenance burden on staffers.

Industrial automation and robots are only are as reliable as their controls. Rockwell Automation Inc. this week announced the launch of its PowerFlex AC variable-frequency drive portfolio in the Asia-Pacific region to support a broad range of motor-control applications. The company said its TotalFORCE technology will give customers more flexibility, performance and intelligence in their next-generation drives.

“Significantly more industrial companies can experience the benefits of TotalFORCE technology now that it's available in a traditional six-pulse drive,” said Sav Papadopoulos, business manager for low-voltage drives in Asia-Pacific at Rockwell Automation. “No other drive on the market delivers the combined performance and intelligence capabilities of the PowerFlex 755TS drive, which helps improve operational productivity and reduce burdens on the workforce.”

Rockwell Automation claimed that it is the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation. The Milwaukee, Wis.-based company employs about 25,000 people and has customers in more than 100 countries. 

PowerFlex 755TS incorporates TotalFORCE tech

The new PowerFlex 755TS drive is the first six-pulse drive to incorporate TotalFORCE technology to help customers get the most out of their equipment, said Rockwell Automation.

Previously only available in PowerFlex 755T drives with active front-end technology, TotalFORCE can now be used in a wider range of applications, according to the company. They include traditional fan, pump, and conveyor applications, as well as more advanced motor-control processes that require high-performance features typically found in specialized drives.

Rockwell Automation said the addition provides a simplified and consistent user experience for motor-control applications in three key ways:

  • Flexible, high-performance control: The drive's power range, voltage classes, and performance capabilities meet the requirements of a wide range of motor-control applications. This allows staffes to use a common drive for multiple applications, which can simplify and reduce support burdens.
  • Operational intelligence: Built-in predictive models use continuous operation monitoring to calculate the expected remaining life of drive components. These insights help users reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance costs by replacing components as needed instead of on a fixed schedule.
  • Easier commissioning and optimization: Using a suite of features referred to as Adaptive Control, the drive monitors machine characteristics that can change over time and automatically compensates for changes. This can help users commission the drive quickly and maintain it for the life of the drive without a tuning expert. It can also help reduce mechanical wear and improve uptime, said the company.

Rockwell Automation offers XT, cybersecurity options

The PowerFlex 755TS drive is available with an option for enhanced corrosive gas protection (XT) that helps improve uptime and extend the drive's operating life in corrosive gas environments, said Rockwell Automation.

The drive has been tested and validated in one of the most severe corrosive-environment-test protocols. These tests combine 30-day exposure in mixed-flow gas testing per ASTM B845 Method K with additional proprietary tests that go beyond any industry-standard requirement known to date, claimed the company.

To help strengthen cybersecurity in industrial operations, the 755TS drive is CIP Security-capable. When implemented, CIP Security can provide data authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality to control systems, said Rockwell. This helps defend against the risk of someone remotely accessing a network and acting maliciously, it added.

The 755TS drive is designed to ease migration from other PowerFlex 750 drives. The 755TS drive is also a drop-in mechanical and electrical replacement for other PowerFlex 755 drives, even using the same physical dimensions, mounting-hole, and wiring locations.

In addition, the drive uses the same slot-based architecture that allows users to continue using I/O and safety cards from their existing 750 drives. Rockwell Automation noted that Premier Integration into the Logix control platform is intended to ease drive configuration and programming.

Rockwell Automation is partnering with robot makers to connect its control software with the latest robot technology. With options that allow for operation with or without a robot controller, users can now unleash the full power of robots, it said.

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Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation PowerFlex 755TS family enclosures are available in corrosive-gas and cybersecurity options.

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