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Agility Robotics Profile

Agility Robotics was founded in 2015 to enter markets newly enabled by recent scientific and technical breakthroughs in robotic legged mobility. Agility’s roots stretch back to co-founder Jonathan Hurst’s PhD research at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in the early 2000’s (where he and Damion Shelton, also a co-founder, met). ATRIAS and Cassie, shown below, were developed by the Dynamic Robotics Laboratory at Oregon State University from 2009-2016 and licensed to Agility for commercialization. Our main office in Albany OR opened in the fall of 2016, and our east coast location opened in Pittsburgh PA in June 2018; we have been shipping robots to customers since mid-2017.

Agility Robotics
421 NE Water Ave #1100
Albany, Oregon, 97321
United States

[email protected]

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