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Made In Space
NASA Ames Research Park, 140 Dailey Road, Building 153
Moffett Field, California, 94035
United States
(650) 701-7722 

Founded in 2010 with the goal of enabling humanity’s future in space, Made In Space, Inc. has developed additive manufacturing technology for use in zero-gravity. By constructing hardware that can build what is needed in space, as opposed to launching it from Earth, the company plans to accelerate and broaden space development while also providing unprecedented access for people on Earth to use in-space capabilities.

Made In Space’s team consists of successful entrepreneurs, experienced space experts and key 3D printing developers. With over 30,000+ hours of 3D printing technology testing, and 400+ parabolas of microgravity test flights, Made In Space’s experience and expertise has led to the first 3D printers designed for use on the International Space Station.

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