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RightHand Robotics
237 Washington Street
Somerville, Massachusetts, 02143
United States

RightHand Robotics is a leader in providing end-to-end solutions that reduce the cost of e-commerce order-fulfillment of electronics, apparel, grocery, pharmaceuticals, and countless other industries. Unlike traditional factory robots that can be complex to set up and are singly purposed, RHR solutions are simple to integrate and adaptable to improve the utilization of many different customer workflows, such as sorting batch-picked items, picking items from an ASRS, inducting items to a belt sorter, and order quality assurance.

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Grasp the Opportunity with RightPick

See how the RightHand Robotics team combines “hand eye coordination” into a piece-picking solution that picks a wide Range of items at high Rates with high Reliability - the “3Rs” of robotic piece-picking - in typical material handling workflows. Get a peek at some of the cool tech under the hood in this exclusive video. If this looks like your sort of thing, check out our latest career opportunities on our website.

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