10 Companies Riding the Mobile Robot Wave

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Last year, Interact Analytics named Geekplus Technology Co. as the global market leader in AMRs.

The Beijing-based company said it has sold more than 200,000 mobile robots worldwide. Its product line include the P series line of picking robots, the S series line of sorting robots, and the RS series of sort-to-pick robots.

Geek+‘s portfolio also includes the M series of mobile robots, the F series of forklift robots, and the A series of collaborative picking robots.

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1. 6 River Systems

2. AutoGuide Mobile Robots

3. Fetch Robotics

4. Geek+

5. GreyOrange

6. Locus Robotics

7. Mobile Industrial Robots

8. OTTO Motors

9. Seegrid

10. Vecna Robotics

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