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10 Delivery Robot Companies to Watch in 2022

From Alibaba to Udelv, our roundup of leading robot delivery companies after CES 2022 was far and away the most popular piece, demonstrating the interest in this emerging market. However, several of them hit potholes, such as FedEx and Amazon (see next item), as well as Starship laying off 30 staffers.

Still, the services are growing in certain locations such as college campuses, which are simpler environments and pose fewer regulatory hurdles than suburban streets. Delivery robots still have potential.

Some companies on this list did well. In September, Nuro scored a 10-year deal with Uber Eats for robotic deliveries in California and Texas.

Other entrants in the last-mile delivery race include Ottonomy, Cartken, Clevon, and Hyundai Mobis.

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