Collaborative Robots Bring Productivity

Cobot arms are not only safer to use around humans, but with the right software and end effectors, they can help businesses become more efficient.

Not only can collaborative robots improve workplace safety, but their increasing levels of flexibility and precision are also changing how tasks such as machine tending, packaging, and welding are done.

However, many small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) are reluctant to invest in systems for high-mix, low-volume applications. Integrators must evaluate the latest sensors, software, and end effectors for different use cases.

In addition, researchers, integrators, and end users must consider the level of interaction with human co-workers, environmental conditions, and the safety of different payloads.

In this Special Focus Issue, we consider how cobots have become a fast-growing segment of automation and how suppliers are turning their focus to specific applications. This free download covers the following:

  • How collaborative robots are helping manufacturers and educators
  • An examination of how robots plus humans can equal greater productivity
  • A discussion of this year's outlook for cobots from the market leader
  • How AI and machine learning are making robots more dexterous and useful
  • Design considerations for robotic workcells

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