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Uber Acquires Autonomous Truck Startup Otto
Uber announced it had acquired Otto, a 90-person start-up focused on developing self-driving truck technology that aims to upend the trucking and shipping industry.

Rolls-Royce Publishes Vision of the Future of Remote and Autonomous Shipping
Rolls-Royce isn't limiting its robotic transportation plans to luxury cars, the British transportation firm has outlined a strategy for deploying remote-controlled autonomous cargo vessels.

Michigan Pulls Ahead In Autonomous Vehicle Race
Michigan tries to grab the mantle for leadership in connected and autonomous vehicles, a market predicted to reach 129 million vehicles sold between 2020 and 2035.

Turning Truckers into Self-Driving Freight Haulers
Former employees of Google, Apple, Tesla, Cruise Automation, and others - 40 people in total - have formed a new San Francisco-based company called Otto with the goal of turning commercial...

Uber Reportedly Shopping Around For Self-Driving Mercedes-Benz Transportation Fleet
Uber allegedly has placed an order for a number of $100,000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedans, fueling speculation about the ride-sharing company's plans to ultimately field a fleet of self-driving automobiles.

General Motors Acquires Cruise Automation to Speed Self-Driving Car Strategy
General Motors is buying Cruise Automation, a San Francisco self-driving vehicle startup, the latest move by the auto giant in its effort to outflank Silicon Valley in the race to...

Daimler’s Self-Driving Truck Tested on Real Roads
In Germany Daimler Trucks ran a real-world test of what it says is the first series-production truck to operate on an automated basis on the highway.

Clearpath Introduces Self-Driving Warehouse Robot
Canadian robotics manufacturer releases new warehouse robot with GE Ventures as strategic investor and GE as first customer.

Toyota Commits $50M to Research AI for Autonomous Vehicles and “Future Mobility”
Establishes collaborative research centers with MIT and Stanford to accelerate artificial intelligence research and broaden its focus on computer science and human-machine interaction with an immediate goal of reducing highway...

Apple (i?)Car Further Along Than We Thought
Apple seems to want a little piece of everything that could possibly be considered “technology,” and its most ambitious undertaking is its rumored autonomous vehicle - the Apple Car.

While No Cure-All, Possibility of Driverless Trucks Offers Hope for Truck Driver Crisis
The era of driverless trucks – or autonomous vehicles, as they are known euphemistically – may be a lot closer to reality than many people think.

Future of Transportation and Autonomous Flying Cars
Terrafugia premiers the new Outer Mold Line for the TF-X™, the four-seat, vertical takeoff and landing hybrid electric aircraft that will make flying easier and safer than ever before.

Daimler Says Nevada License To Help Self-Drive Trucks Gain Traction
Auto-Maker Daimler introduced an autonomous truck on Tuesday night - the company says a driver must be present, but that driver has the option to relinquishing control to the vehicle.

Uber Building Research Robotics Lab to Start Autonomous Taxi Fleet Development
Uber and Carnegie Mellon University have announced a strategic partnership that includes the creation of the Uber Advanced Technologies Center, primarily to R&D in the areas of mapping,vehicle...

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