ASTRID inventory-checking AMRs deployed by Dexory and ID Logistics

Dexory’s AI analytics coupled with ID Logistics’ ASTRID robot for French deployment


Dexory and ID Logistics have collaborated to deploy inventory-checking autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) globally, starting in France.
ID Logistics’ ASTRID AMRs, which perform live wall-to-wall inventory cycle counts, are now augmented by Dexory’s AI analytics through a deployment collaboration in France.

Robotic inventory management providers Dexory and ID Logistics recently announced a collaboration to deploy inventory-checking autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) globally as part of ID Logistics’ ASTRID program.

Through their collaboration, the companies aim to increase warehouse inventory-counting accuracy for their customers. Deployments have begun at sites in France, with the companies looking to expand to additional geographies in 2024.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with ID Logistics to support the elimination of inventory visibility gaps in their warehouses using real-time data,” said Oana Jinga, Chief Operating and Product Officer at Dexory. “This partnership represents a significant leap forward in enhancing operational efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity.” 

Dexory and ID Logistics claim Astrid can count up to 10,000 pallets per hour. The companies also said implementation of ASTRID inventory-checking AMRs has become an integral part of their customers’ day-to-day operations, and that the system has increased inventory accuracy to over 99.9%. 

ASTRID navigates active warehouses, updates digital twins

ID Logistics, which also markets order-picking and shelf-lifting robots, first announced the ASTRID robot in May 2022 in collaboration with integrator and inventory-management company E-Dentic and inventory-checking AMR provider Wyca. 

Dexory’s inventory management systems incorporate machine vision and barcode scanners into AMRs. Some of their AMRs - including ASTRID - feature telescoping sections which extend vertically to scan and count entire product racks in one pass.

Together, Dexory and ID Logistics are deploying the ASTRID inventory-checking AMR to French customers. ASTRID AMRs perform live wall-to-wall inventory cycle counts, flagging inaccuracies in real-time. 

Dexory and ID Logistics’ collaboration includes the integration of a digital twin, which provides real-time inventory location data to their customers. The companies said digital twins enhance overall visibility into inventory management processes and resource allocation, which allows their customers’ inventory teams to make informed decisions.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of inventory management and warehouse data acquisition,” said Beniot Boiron, group innovation manager at ID Logistics. “Astrid's precision and real-time monitoring capabilities have transformed our day-to-day operations, bringing accuracy to new heights.”

ASTRID AMRs can operate during normal working hours, navigating around employees and other equipment without the need to close off aisles.

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Dexory and ID Logistics have collaborated to deploy inventory-checking autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) globally, starting in France.

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