Boston Dynamics announces Orbit robot fleet management software, Spot enhancements

Orbit offers a single portal view of site, robots and equipment with analysis

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics announced its Orbit fleet management software and enhancements to Spot.
Boston Dynamics announced the release of its Orbit robot fleet management software, allowing users to watch its site, robots and equipment through a single portal.

Boston Dynamics recently announced the release of a new robot fleet management software, called Orbit. The Orbit portal utilizes AI, in conjunction with enhancements to the Spot robot, to increase control of robot operations, better visibility into an organization’s facility and extra flexibility for data analysis.

Orbit offering to bring real-time, predictive intelligence

Boston Dynamics newest solution, according to a statement, will “bring a whole new suite of fleet management capabilities and will unify your ecosystem of Boston Dynamics robots, starting with Spot.”

Users can start with Orbit by creating a site map drawing of their facility and importing them into the portal. The software then overlays real-time information about the robots in use over the facility drawing, showing the user live robot locations, active missions and inspection alerts.

Users can create and modify mission recordings, allowing organizations to record multiple sessions – with multiple robots over multiple days – and merge this information into a single map in Orbit. The offering also creates more mission scheduling flexibility to loop based on user-designated preferences. For example, users can choose to loop within a launch window, specific days and times or other designated timeframes. Timeframes can also include exclusions, such as weekends or other downtimes.

Orbit is currently available as a cloud offering for North American customers, with more locations coming soon, according to Boston Dynamics. The software eliminates the need for a hardware connection, integrating with an organization’s Wi-Fi, LTE or cellular connection to Spot. However, the Site Hub option still exists for on-premise installation.

The software release also improves how alerts are displayed and shared to users. Inspection alerts are displayed on the portal homepage and users can click through the alert to see further analysis of visual, thermal and acoustic anomalies. Users can customize email notifications email notifications based on urgency relevancy to the personnel required for the update.

Spot updates pair with Orbit debut

The Waltham, Mass.-based company also coupled the Orbit release with enhancements to its Spot mobile robot offering. The Spot API now supports live signal data and telemetry displays in the Spot table and Orbit portal. Spot users can create a continuously updated display of readings from the robot during operation, and utilize contextual information, sensor readings and alert specifications to assess its performance.

As part of the Spot enhancements, customers will see adjustments to manual controls that improve comfort and command, according to Boston Dynamics. Spot will not return to a neutral position until it starts walking again, a marked difference from current movements under manual control.

Users can also send Spot autonomously to any accessible dock or recorded location in the Orbit site map without manual operation, including better operation around objects and stairs.  

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Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics announced its Orbit fleet management software and enhancements to Spot.

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