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CGConnect Transforms Multi-Robot Vehicles Into Connected Fleet

CGConnect provides plug-and-play links for autonomous systems, said Advanced Navigation.

Cloud Ground Control

CGConnect ties together multiple devices.
Using 4G/5G networks, CGConnect links any uncrewed vehicle to Cloud Ground Control's fleet management platform, enabling live-streaming, command and control from a Web browser.

As fleets of mobile robots, drones, and other automated systems grow, manufacturers and systems integrators need a lightweight, reliable way to connect and manage them. Cloud Ground Control offers CGConnect, a credit card-sized micro-modem that it said is hardware-agnostic and easy to install.

Able to fit in the palm of your hand, CGConnect can link an uncrewed system to Cloud Ground Control's software-as-a-service platform for managing fleets of up to 1,000 drones. Based on the open MAVLink standard, CGConnect can work with nearly any robot or vehicle, said Cloud Ground Control, a product of trusted aerospace supplier Advanced Navigation.

“Enterprises who rely on drones and robotics for business operation often own a diverse range of uncrewed vehicles that may not be compatible with one another,” said Michal Weiss, head of product at Cloud Ground Control. “CGConnect is designed to solve this pain point by linking them to the Cloud Ground Control platform, regardless of manufacturer or model, turning them into a holistic, connected fleet.”

CGConnect uses 4G and 5G networks to connect devices to the cloud, where users can monitor real-time data through a Web browser. In addition, CGConnect can process real-time camera and thermal feed data in the cloud to support applications such as inspection and tracking.

While CGConnect is designed to be accessible to users of any skill level, it includes military-grade encryption and authentication. said Cloud Ground Control. It also supports edge AI for mission-critical functions such as object identification and classification.

The micro-modem is white-labeled for easy integration and rebranding. Users of CGConnect include Little Ripper, which operates emergency-response drones, and Clean Earth Rovers, which automated its fleet of vehicles for ocean cleanup.

Check out CGConnect to see how it can reduce development costs, accelerate production and time to market, and streamline fleet management.

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Cloud Ground Control

CGConnect ties together multiple devices.

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