Darwynn Debuts Fulfillment Center Using Automation in Ontario, Plans for More Robots in Montreal and Across Canadian Network

The new multi-tenant site features the latest advancements in fulfillment technology to process about 10,000 orders per day.

Darwynn Ltd.

Darwynn has deployed an automated storage and retrieval system in its new facility.
Darwynn has deployed an automated storage and retrieval system, mobile robots, and software at its new fulfillment facility in Scarborough, Ontario.

Darwynn Ltd. today debuted its fulfillment facility including state-of-the-art automation technologies in Scarborough, Ontario. The company said that its new center willl enable merchants to meet their business-to-business and business-to-consumer, or B2B and B2C, channel needs.

“At Darwynn, we're committed to improving the fulfillment experience for our customers,” said Reza Bafandeh, CEO of Darwynn. “We've developed an order collaboration platform that utilizes the latest robotic and automation technologies to help Canadian businesses reach consumers across Canada. I'm excited to announce our successful deployment today which has been the result of tireless work over the last several years.”

“Our focus on system flexibility allows us to cost-effectively meet the fulfillment requirements of our customers, no matter how small or large,” the company claimed. “Darwynn's national network and purpose-built infrastructure means we can quickly 'go live' and scale our clients' fulfillment capabilities.”

Darwynn addresses accelerated expectations

In addition to the accelerated growth of e-commerce demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chain challenges have put strain on retailers, noted Darwynn. Consumers “now expect items to be in stock and delivered with speed,” it said.

To meet these growing demands and improve Canadian supply chains, fulfillment operations need to take advantage of technological advancements, Darwynn said. The company said its new facility will “disrupt the industry with high-tech solutions that bring significant improvement to the fulfillment network as it scales its end-to-end ecosystem nationwide.”

The new fulfillment facility is located at 40 Pullman Court in Scarborough. It spans over 45,000 sq. ft. and includes an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and the latest in conveyance technology.

Darwynn added that it uses “an industry-leading software platform that provides data and analytics for e-commerce businesses to gain insight into the entire fulfillment process.” At full capacity, the facility will be able to fulfill approximately 10,000 orders per day, it said.

As a multi-tenant space, brands and businesses can benefit from the facility's automation, which is designed “to optimize inventory density to meet the needs of both businesses and consumers alike,” said Darwynn.

The company said its combination of robotics hardware and an intelligent order-collaboration platform allows it to offer low, predictable pricing and improve unit economics for merchants. In addition, the whole system will provide customers with new levels of efficiency and sustainability, it said.

Darwynn fulfillment center

An overview of the new fulfillment center's technology. Source: Darwynn Ltd.

Nationwide network to use automation 

“I am incredibly excited for the successful deployment of the Darwynn fulfillment solution,” said Wynn Xie, president of Darwynn. “This exciting milestone marks the next step on our journey of what will be many deployments of our solution across North America as we continue to expand our network.”

Darwynn's network includes four facilities nationwide. This coverage allows for local-to-local delivery to more than 80% of the Canadian population, the company said.

It explained that its intelligent platform provides real-time data and insights. This enables businesses to optimize inventory positioning and levels, helping to reduce stockouts and improving the customer experience, according to Darwynn. This information gives customers full transparency into the operation, allowing for informed decisions to be made quickly, it said.

In addition to the successful deployment, Darwynn said it plans to expand its physical footprint with a facility it acquired in Montreal, Quebec, on Feb. 1. The 100,000-sq.-ft. facility will use Darwynn's fulfillment platform and automation hardware and will be operational in late 2023.

Darwynn demonstrates ASRS shuttles.

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Darwynn Ltd.

Darwynn has deployed an automated storage and retrieval system in its new facility.

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