FORTNA and Geek+ Jointly Provide Fulfillment Automation Worldwide

FORTNA said it has combined its supply chain expertise with Geek+'s mobile robots for greater efficiency.


Geek+ is supplying its AMRs worldwide, such as this one in Hong Kong.
FORTNA and Geek+ are combining their supply chain optimization experience and mobile robots, respectively, in a global partnership.

FORTNA today announced a global strategic partnership with Geekplus Technology Co. to bring Geek+'s goods-to-person and mobile sortation systems to FORTNA's customers. The companies said multiple projects are already in different stages of deployment in the U.S. and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

These include robot installations for several large retailers in the sports and home appliance sectors, as well as innovations in goods-to-person sortation systems, according to FORTNA and Geek+. They said in a release that their partnership will “empower businesses to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency in order fulfillment.”

“Together with Geek+, we provide our customers with a competitive edge through the seamless integration of automation and robotics into their supply chain operations,” stated Robert McKeel, CEO of FORTNA. “The partnership between FORTNA and Geek+ aims to accelerate supply chain automation, making it more efficient and cost-effective and increasing the timely delivery of goods to consumers.”

Partners tout potential benefits

FORTNA and Geek+ said their custom installations will “enable customers to add flexibility to their operations, while increasing throughput and creating a more positive workplace for their warehouse employees.” They listed the following potential benefits:

  • Enhanced efficiency: FORTNA said its industry knowledge will be complemented by Geek+'s technology, creating efficient and adaptable automation. Mobile robots can provide more than double the average order picking and sorting throughput, it claimed.
  • Scalability: “The collaboration will offer businesses scalable solutions that can grow with their needs, ensuring they remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace,” said the partners.
  • Optimized warehouse operations: By integrating advanced robotics into their operations, warehouse customers can significantly improve order accuracy and storage utilization, as well as reduce labor costs. Integrated directly into FORTNA WES (warehouse execution system) software, Geek+'s robotics offerings can now benefit from order-priority adjustments in real time, said the partners. By coordinating work activities with Geek+'s offerings, FORTNA WES can also assign tasks to the best-fit automation at the optimal time for further throughput improvements while reducing the cost to pick, they asserted.
  • Increased consumer satisfaction: “Faster and more accurate order fulfillment will lead to improved consumer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention,” said FORTNA.
  • A better workplace: Mobile robots allow employees to focus on less-strenuous tasks in a safer work environment, supporting businesses' environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments. Both FORTNA and Geek+ said they are committed to innovation, sustainability, and delivering systems that align with the latest industry trends and regulations.

Geek+ cites combined expertise

“The FORTNA and Geek+ partnership signifies another milestone in the robotics shakeup of order-fulfillment automation,” said Lit Fung, vice president and managing director for international business at Geek+. “Companies seeking to enhance their supply chain operations can now leverage the combined expertise of these two industry leaders to achieve greater efficiency and competitiveness in the global marketplace.”

Founded in 2015, Geek+ said it is a global leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for logistics. The Beijing-based company said it provides reliable, flexible, and efficient automation for warehouses and supply chain management.

Geek+ added that it has more than 1,000 customers worldwide and over 1,500 employees, with offices in the U.S., Germany, the U.K., Japan, South Korea, China, and Singapore. Last week, it announced a new RoboShuttle model that can reach storage racks up to 12 m (40 ft.) high.

FORTNA addresses supply chain needs

“In a rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, the demand for efficient and scalable order-fulfillment solutions has never been greater,” FORTNA said. “FORTNA and Geek+ are dedicated to addressing these challenges head-on by combining their expertise to design, develop, and implement cutting-edge automated robotic solutions.”

“The partnership marks a significant milestone in the industry, as two industry leaders join forces to transform the way companies approach order fulfillment,” said the Atlanta-based company. FORTNA said it has deep domain knowedge and experience in supply chain optimization.

In September, FORTNA established a Last-Mile Solutions Center to support parcel and distribution businesses.

FORTNA added that it partners with the world's leading brands to transform omnichannel and parcel-distribution operations. “Known worldwide for enabling companies to keep pace with digital disruption and growth objectives, we design and deliver solutions, powered by intelligent software, to optimize fast, accurate and cost-effective order fulfillment and last-mile delivery,” the company said.

From proprietary algorithms and materials handling automation to design and implementation services, FORTNA said that it can help customers maximize operations designs, as well as product and information flows.

FORTNA said its Distribution Optimization Framework uses proprietary processes, tools and algorithms to design and deliver automation technologies and intelligent software.

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Geek+ is supplying its AMRs worldwide, such as this one in Hong Kong.

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