Dobot Launches Cobot Arms For Retail and Service Markets as Part of New Product Series

The company highlighted the robots being used for tasks such as serving coffee and cooking food.


The Dobot Nova Series features two cobots.
Dobot has launched its new Nova Series cobot line to cater to retail and service market customers.

Dobot this week launched two collaborative robot arms as part of its new Nova Series aimed at the retail and service markets. The Nova 2 has a payload capacity of 2 kg, or 4.4 lb, and the Nova 5 has a payload capacity of 5 kg, or 11 lb. Dobot did not share the robot arms’ reach capacities.

Dobot was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Shenzen, China. The company sells a range of collaborative robot arms through its CR Series and CRS Series.

It also sells the M1 Pro SCARA robot, the “desktop-grade cobot” MG400, and the educational robot arms Magician and Magician Lite. Its robots have been used for loading and unloading, bin picking, welding, palletizing, quality inspection, and more. 

Dobot seizes on market challenges 

The company said it made the Nova Series in response to labor shortages and rising costs in the service and retail industries. It said its robots can “replace workers to help reduce operating expense and decrease human contacts [sic] during pandemics.” 

“To better capture this newfound demand, Dobot has developed the Nova Series of collaborative robots designed specifically for retail customers to handle tasks such as making coffee, cocktail, ice cream, noodles, fried chicken, and even physical therapy,” it said. 

Dobot said that customers can customize the color of the Nova cobots to match specific branding. Source: Dobot 

Nova Series cobots fit in more confined spaces 

The robots are capable of fitting within one square meter of space and feature a “drag to teach and graphical user interface.” Setting up the robots should take no more than 10 minutes, the company explained. 

Keeping safety in mind, the company said the robots feature collision sensors that allow them to stop within.01 seconds of detecting something in their way. In case of a power outage, the Nova robots automatically freeze in position to ensure the safety of others. 

“Dobot's Nova opens the door of automation for the retail and service sectors. Robot adoption will expand beyond production floors of factories and into our daily lives,” the company said. “Collaborations and interactions between humans and machines will only increase.”

To learn more about the Nova Series, visit the company's website

CR collaborative robot series is DOBOT's 2nd generation of 6-axis robotic arm based on collaborative technology, ideal for various industrial needs such as #palletizing, #handling, #polishing, etc.

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The Dobot Nova Series features two cobots.

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