Doosan Robotics Launches NSF-Certified Food-Handling Cobots

Doosan will start selling its E-Series robots starting in June.

Doosan Robotics

Doosan Robotics' new E-Series line is made up of 13 cobot models.
Doosan Robotics has announced the launch of a new line of cobots specifically designed to prepare food.

Doosan Robotics announced earlier this week the launch of its E-SERIES, the company's NSF-certified collaborative robot line specifically created for the food and beverage (F&B) industry. NSF stands for the National Sanitation Foundation, which said its “mission is to protect and improve global human health.”

The E in E-SERIES stands for Edge, according to Seoul, South Korea-based Doosan Robotics. The company said the robot was designed with food safety in mind and highlighted that the robot features sealed gaps between the cobot's connecting axes.

The company added the E-SERIES is easy to install and fits seamlessly into workspaces. The robots have a 5kg (11 lb.) payload capacity and a reach of nearly 91 cm (3 ft).

“Our E-SERIES cobots were specifically created to help transform the food and beverage industry, providing immediate solutions to labor shortages and improving work efficiencies. Based on this momentum, we will continue to lead the global cobot industry” said William (Junghoon) Ryu, CEO of Doosan Robotics.

E-Series robots have already been tested in kitchens

Doosan Robotics E-SERIES has been tested for a variety of applications including its implementation at Robert Chicken, a Korean fried chicken concept powered exclusively by cobots.

The E-Series was made to cook up dishes. Source: Doosan Robotics 

The E-SERIES has also been tested and deployed to make coffee and other beverages through Doosan Robotic's Dr. Presso. 

Doosan Robotics plans to continue customizing the E-SERIES for other F&B use from baking, barbeque and specialized functions within the QSR category.

E-Series includes 13 cobot models

With the launch of E-SERIES, Doosan Robotics is revealing 13 new cobots.

Doosan E-SERIES cobots start shipping in June with exclusive discounts on the first purchase.

E-SERIES I Doosan Robotics

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Doosan Robotics

Doosan Robotics' new E-Series line is made up of 13 cobot models.

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