Fuzzy Studio Industrial Robot Programming and Simulation Software Now Available Online

Fuzzy Logic said its software allows non-experts to control industrial robots.

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Studio is designed to enable non-expert manufacturers to add automation to their operations.
Fuzzy Studio, which is designed to enable non-robotics experts to simulate, program, and control industrial automation, is now available on Fuzzy Logic's website to aid reshoring efforts.

Fuzzy Logic Robotics this week announced that it has launched its Fuzzy Studio “no-code” industrial robot programming and simulation software. Fuzzy Studio allows non-experts in robotics to create virtual cells and control industrial robots, claimed the Paris-based company.

The software enables businesses to automate production at an affordable price and lower risk, even in situations that were once considered impossible, such as for small batches or complex parts, said Fuzzy Logic. It added that Fuzzy Studio is now available, along with documentation and tutorials, on its website.

“This online launch is the culmination of two years of Fuzzy Studio evolution built on deployment in production with our existing customers,” stated Ryan Lober, CEO of Fuzzy Logic. “Fuzzy Studio is now ready to be offered to a wider audience and is currently the most advanced and accessible industrial robotics software on the market.”

“Fuzzy Logic will revolutionize mass-customization and flexible production,” he added. “Our ambition is to make industrial robotics accessible to a wider audience, such as for the production of small batches or unique parts, which are difficult to automate due to high costs associated with complex robot programming. By democratizing robotics, making it simple to program and simulate a robot for everyone, we make robotic automation feasible where it once seemed impossible.”

As manufacturers consider reshoring production to Europe or North America, Fuzzy Studio offers “an easy and low-risk solution for investment,” asserted Fuzzy Logic. The software is compatible with most robot brands on the market, the company noted.

Fuzzy Studio enables interactive digital twins

Today, the creation of robotic cells is often complex, said Fuzzy Logic. The company said Fuzzy Studio simplifies that process.

The software comes in two licenses on the Fuzzy Logic website. The Fuzzy Studio Simulation license allows non-robotics users to create and preview a robotic cell in a simulated environment, while the Fuzzy Studio Production license provides all the tools necessary for the integration and operation of a real robotic cell.

The software is compatible with 3D computer-aided design (CAD) formats. It allows a robotics novice to intuitively create an interactive virtual cells for “a fully functional real-time digital twin,” said Fuzzy Logic.

Fuzzy Studio includes a collision-detection function to immediately validate cell sizing, the company said. It can configure and visualize the positions of objects in minutes, and it can anticipate potential collision sources between parts of the digital twin, according to Fuzzy Logic.

Any object can be easily reconfigured in just a few clicks, the company claimed. When the positioning of an object is modified, the trajectories associated with that object are updated accordingly. Interactions are dynamic, and the feasibility of robot trajectories appears immediately, Fuzzy Logic added.

Automatically generate trajectories without programming

Robot trajectories typically require lengthy and complex programming by a roboticist, said Fuzzy Logic. Fuzzy Studio can automtically generate complex trajectories with just a few clicks through the 3D information of objects placed in the digital twin.

On the contours of a part for deburring or its surface for sanding and grinding, the possibilities are available to all, said the company. Users can add an unlimited number of waypoints to these trajectories, it said.

“This functionality offers order of magnitude time savings to users, as the generation of trajectories frees them from dependence on robotic experts,” said Fuzzy Logic.

With Fuzzy Studio, the basic specifications of a project can be validated in just a few minutes instead of several weeks, and at a lower cost. Information on the sizing of the robotic cell is displayed for easy decision-making before moving on to real-time control.

Parameters can be quickly modified in the simulation, reducing the investment risks of a robotics project. All of these features are available in the Fuzzy Studio Simulation license, said Fuzzy Logic.

Fuzzy Logic executives

Fuzzy Logic co-founders Antoine Hoarau (left) and Ryan Lober (right). Source: Fuzzy Logic

Real-time execution bridges the gap between theory, practice

The Fuzzy Studio Production license includes the features of the Simulation license, with the addition of a connection to the robot for real-time control. This control validates all the hypotheses formulated in the simulated cell, including trajectories, implementation, and collisions in the real world, said Fuzzy Logic.

With fast simulation, the risk of error is reduced to almost zero, and if a problem is detected, it can be easily corrected directly in the simulation, the company said.

The Fuzzy Studio Production license includes an I/O input and output module, which allows the behavior of a PLC (programmable logic controller) in the virtual cell to be easily simulated and programmed with simple functions such as generating a trajectory or launching a grip. This feature adds flexibility to robotic program architects.

The use of the Production license also does not require any special coding skills, said Fuzzy Logic. A simple click of a button in the software allows for connection with the Fuzzy RTOS (real-time operating system) software installed in the robot bay, enabling real-time control of the robot.

BPI France invests in Fuzzy Logic

BPI France (France Banque Publique d'Investissement or Public Investment Bank) has provided Fuzzy Logic €1.75 million ($1.87 million U.S.) in funding for “Deeptech” development. The bank said it supports the project to democratize industrial robotics as part of prospective reindustrialization in French territories.

In the context of disruptions around the COVID-19 pandemic, international conflicts, and an energy crisis, French industry faces the challenge of rapid reindustrialization, noted Fuzzy Logic. There is a strong demand for increased production at lower costs and with better quality.

However, with a shortage of qualified personnel and tools, robotics is seen as the key to increased productivity, said the company. At the same time, many industrial robots are inaccessible because of their expense and need for technical expertise.

Fuzzy Logic said its Fuzzy Studio software offers the industry an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to these problems.

Fuzzy Logic Robotics claimed that it makes robot programming as simple as playing a video game.

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Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Studio is designed to enable non-expert manufacturers to add automation to their operations.

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